Tips to Choose an Electronic Signature Service Provider

Tips to Choose an Electronic Signature Service Provider

September 20, 2021 / in Electronic Signatures / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The Art of Choosing an eSignature Provider

We continue to get positive responses from our latest “news you can use” insights (we’ll leave out the legalese this time). For this week, we’ve compiled — from speaking to many eSign users — some very exciting and useful tips on how to choose an eSign service provider. Plus, we’ve written these top five tips short and sweet (enough) for a Friday afternoon read.

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Here they are…

1. Feature-Richness
2. Elegance in Ease
3. Affordability at Scale
4. Friendliness to Work With
5. Efficiency: Integration, Innovation and Security

1. Find Feature-Richness

An important step in selecting an electronic signature solution is to categorize your use cases in terms of, for example, quick send for eSignature, sending re-usable forms for fill-and-sign, sending the same document with different pre-filled data for fill-and-sign (whether these are humans sending one-off or automated sending from a system) and more.

You’ll want a provider that has the feature-richness to make the eSign experience work well depending on whether you need a quick ad-hoc eSignature or if there’s a complex form with lots of dependencies. Plus, features that address various security, privacy, compliance, and automation needs depending on the use case.

Feature-richness is the most important because, if the process or workflow cannot be accomplished elegantly, the rest hardly matters.

Learn about how Austin Castro, a Manager of IT Cybersecurity for Belize Electricity, started using RSign and how it’s feature-richness has been a game-changer for them.

2. Demand Elegantly Easy

eSignatures often require a change in human behavior (for senders and/or recipients). Having an elegantly easy solution (due to the wide range of automation features and settings available as per above) makes it easier for admins, senders, and signers to buy into the process change.

Plus, if you are looking to switch providers to enjoy more affordability (see below), an elegantly easy user experience makes it additionally easy to get praise for the new (and much more affordable) eSign service provider.

Learn about how Erin Beals, Operations Manager at Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency uses RSign not only because it is easy to use with their Applied Epic insurance platform, but also as it is elegantly simple to use for signers, especially for their low-tech clients.

3. Seek More Affordability at Scale

When you started with eSignatures, volumes of sends and/or number of users may have been small. As more business areas buy-in and more documents and processes are digitized, what may have been a smart initial service provider choice may not be for the future as you scale. What users today are looking for is that service provider that will remain (much) more affordable as users and volume scale, and as advanced feature-needs become more in vogue across the organization.

Learn about why Bryce Lee, Director of Product Management at Strategic Insurance Software, prefers (and their clients prefer) the affordability of RSign.

4. Friendlier to Work With

eSignatures are really about modernizing and digitizing documents, user interactions, customer and supplier interactions, employee interactions, and more. Each type of interaction and each type of document or workflow may be better served by unique settings, features, branding, and more. A service provider who is humanly (vs. form or bot) friendly to work with will make it seamless and realistic to be able to maximize eSignature benefits now and far into the future. What you’ll need is expert guidance provided by people who care about your experience and ability optimize usage.

Learn More: How to Create an Electronic Signature

Paige Smith, Agency Manager at Loman-Ray Insurance Group, not only speaks highly of RPost’s customer service, but raves about all the friendly interactions she’s had with her customer success team over the years.

5. Everyone Loves Efficiency…

so we’re going to combine three smaller tips into one big one here:

a) Integration in Existing Platforms: Consider an advanced and easy-to-use API or pre-built integrations as an essential part of making eSigning that much more efficient. Brittani Hodgkinson of Towne Storage Management explained how easy it was to integrate RSign with Yardi, a self-storage property management platform.

b) Commitment to Innovation: You will want to find a service provider who is uniquely focused on eSignatures (versus a service provider that is part of a private equity-acquisition roll-up or something similar) and with a commitment to continuous innovation in the field. You’ll want to see your supplier not only thinking about the art of the possible, but commercializing the possible for you. Learn why HR, staffing and recruiting companies like Impellam chose RSign, based in part on our track record of eSignature innovations.

c) Comfort with Security/Legalities: As you start to send more sensitive, regulated private content, or work within certain privacy or legal-compliant frameworks, having a provider that specializes in privacy and legalities will permit you to move more to eSignature and digital forms process in more areas of your business, safely.

Learn why Nicole Stiller, the global eSign leader at Jungheinrich chose to roll out RSign into 20 country markets across the Americas and Europe, after considering all of the GDPR, EIDAS, and other legal, privacy, and regulatory criteria covered within our features.

Well, we said “top five”, but we really gave you seven. Consider this a Friday afternoon bonus.

Of course, RSign excels in these areas, as many clients have stated at our user conferences. Please let us know if we can help you select (or re-select) a top eSign service provider like RSign.

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