Turning Wet Signatures into Digital Signatures

Turning Wet Signatures into Digital Signatures

June 17, 2022 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Beam Me To A World Of (Secure) Digital Efficiencies

For some odd reason, we at Tech Essentials will often bring up famous quotations that were in fact never uttered by the person to whom the quotation is attributed. The last example of this was back in April when we wrote about “Nice Guys Finish Last”, which Leo Durocher never really said.

This week, we reference the pop culture catchphrase, “Beam Me Up, Scotty” from the Star Trek franchise. Based on what you’ve just read, you’re probably thinking, “wait, did nobody on Star Trek actually say that??” Yes, it’s true. One of the most popular catchphrases of the 20th century, one that is meant to express a feeling of ‘get me out of here!’, was never said in any Star Trek movie or TV episode. This misattribution was so widespread that when the actor who played Scotty passed on, his official obituary still had him saying it.

Why am I brining this up? Well, out here in California, we’re finally getting back to reality (or just getting used to a new one). For those in the rest of the US or the UK or parts of Europe, this may now seem strange. However, I was recently back in the office (our main office in Los Angeles) going through the normal routine, which included clicking to join video meetings throughout the day—just like old (pandemic) times.

But I began to realize the magnitude of this pandemic-era efficiency when I saw my next meeting was in person, in an office, and I had to plan an hour to get there with traffic, park, get into the office, sign in with reception, etc. I found myself saying, ‘beam me up’ (or maybe ‘beam me back’) to when 1-hour meetings didn’t take 3 hours of real time.

It got me (re)thinking about the power of a single click to potentially save hours of time throughout the day and the fantastic productivity software RMail and RSign have introduced to the world through our patented innovations. In case you haven’t heard, RMail specializes in security and compliance, with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof of privacy compliance, and certified e-delivery services. RSign makes eSignatures simple, feature-rich, and affordable.

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By turning wet signatures into digital signatures, think of how much cost and time savings there are for both signing parties. When you encrypt emails using best-in-class technology, you ensure your clients and coworkers have peace-of-mind, saving hours of fretting. Either way, when you use our award-winning products, you are participating in a digital transformation that our friends at Star Trek would be proud of!

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