RPost- with registered email, you can prove the content in the message

With Registered Email, You Can Prove the Content in the Message

February 16, 2018 / in Blog, Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Can You Put A Monetary Value on Proof? “It’s Worth At Least A Million Dollars.” According to One Relieved RMail Customer

While it’s very common to hear from attorneys and law firms who use RMail for their high-profile cases in district and circuit courts, here we share a story from one RMail user, where the value of our Registered Email™ receipt was literally, his family’s home.

After a set of unfortunate circumstances, Bank of America started foreclosure proceedings on our user’s home. Not one to roll over easily, he decided to take action and sent a complete loss mitigation application to Bank of America to halt the immediate foreclosure of his home. In a million-dollar decision, our user sent the email notification and attached document using a RMail Registered Email™ message. For less than the cost of a postage stamp, he received back his RMail Registered Receipt™ that provided timestamped proof of content received by the proper Bank of America recipient.

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However, Bank of America continued with the foreclosure of our user’s home claiming they did not receive the critical application email from him and as such, proceeded to foreclose.

After wasting hours of his life with repeated calls to Bank of America’s customer service number that got him nowhere, he hired a lawyer, who filed a consumer protection case against Bank of America. Armed with the RMail user’s Registered Receipt™ recording of a successful delivery of the specific message and attachment at the specific time, the lawyer had the indisputable proof of delivery he needed. The lawyer appended the Registered Receipt™ proof to the file, with instructions on how to authenticate on demand.

The result? The Registered Receipt™ delivery proof evidence won the case and the client who sent the Registered Email™ message was able to save his home because of RMail’s service! Now, we count both the homeowner AND his lawyer as lifetime customers of RMail, having experienced the value of the Registered Receipt™ email record. In this case, a $1 million-dollar home value.

This case is very similar to another Tech Essentials case we reported awhile back with fashion house, Hermes. The attorney and RMail customer won a $100 million-dollar default judgement against a ring of cyber squatters in District Court of New York; where the court relied on serving notice attached to a RMail Registered Email™ message, with its evidence of timestamped proof of content received (of course, without requiring any recipient action) recorded in the returned Registered Receipt™.

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And yet in another situation where someone didn’t use RMail, attorney Donald Engel was stuck having to prove that the certified letter he mailed via USPS actually had anything inside it. The opposing party claimed the envelope was empty. Mr. Engel, who now sends all of his important notifications via RMail, details in a video testimonial, how with USPS certified mail or FedEx, you cannot prove the content inside the envelope, where with Registered Email™ receipts, you can.