Optimize 2020

E-Sign & E-Security: Law Sector Perspective

E-Sign and E-Security tools and tips from experts and your peers in the legal sector, sponsored by DocsCorp.

Moderator: Ben Mitchell, DocsCorp Vice President of Global Commercial Operations


  • DocsCorp - Showcasing the new cleanDocs + RMail + RSign; elegantly integrated recipient checking, metadata cleaning, email encryption, e-signature, Registered Email™ track & prove.
    • Paul Darby, Global Vice President, Technical
  • Dickinson Law - Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen PC, a premier regional law firm, discusses some of their e-security tools and experiences.
    • Branden Haines, CTO
  • RPost – Showcasing the new RMail + RSign part of the new cleanDocs.
    • Alex Khan, Vice President Global Services