eSignOff Deemed Missing Link

June 02, 2009 / in News / by RPost

eSignOff Deemed Missing Link

RPost’s Patented eSignOff Electronic Contract Execution Service is a Very Low Cost Tool for Applying Electronic Signatures to Contracts to Speed Deal Closure, Cut Cost, Eliminate Paper, and Preserve Certified Sign-off Records

LOS ANGELES, CA—June 2, 2009 –

RPost®, the leader in value-added outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™ message delivery proof and eSignOff electronic contract execution services, announces a Huron Consulting Group (Nasdaq:HURN) analysis of RPost’s electronic contract execution service, which discusses how RPost’s unique one-click e-contracting service fills gap among competitors in the marketplace.

Electronic sign-off is the missing link in many contract management initiatives. “It is widely recognized that a corporation can realize efficiencies and cost savings by moving from paper contract management processes to electronic contract management. However, many companies miss the benefits of conducting the contract execution and contract notification procedures by continuing to use traditional mail, courier, or fax,” remarks Michael Stevens, Managing Director of Huron Consulting Group. “RPost fills this gap in the electronic process by permitting them to eliminate the expense of paper and courier.” RPost provides the only service that permits electronic contract execution entirely by email with proof of agreement acceptance functionally and legally equivalent to a “wet-ink” signature on paper (legal opinions available here).

Stevens summarizes the key benefits to the RPost service as (a) easy deployment with minimal sender training (typically 15 minute web demo), (b) no setup or registration required by recipient (signing party), (c) inexpensive trusted third party for future signature verification, (d) advanced sign-off reporting configurable to parse into Contract Management System, and (e) customizable for forms if recipient needs to complete information in specific fields.

“RPost’s eSignOff service has been proven to be the simplest form of electronic contract execution,” commented Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “Importantly, our clients avoid complexity of setting up special contract forms and use RPost’s eSignOff service in the medium in which they are comfortable – email and PDF format agreements.” Listen to Mike Stevens of Huron Consulting Group discuss electronic contract management with a spotlight on RPost’s eSignOff service.

In addition to providing electronic contracting services, RPost services include other on-demand features that help users reduce e-discovery cost, send Registered Email™ messages to prove legal delivery and content for email, minimizing overall email volume stored, and cut operational costs by replacing expensive couriers with email where contracts or regulations require proof of notice.