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Add Text Tags in Document for Electronic Signature

RMail Tags eSignature service is the most convenient way for senders to obtain the recipient’s eSignature placed in tagged fields on their documents.

The sender adds text field tags in any document. When they need an eSignature, they attach the document to an email and send. The recipient simply views and eSigns inside a web browser. The recipient’s eSignature is automatically placed on the text tags in the original document.

RMail Tags is an eSign service that is best for commonly used documents that need a recipient signer name, date, and/or eSign.

The sender attaches the tagged document and sends it. When the recipient is ready to eSign, they are brought to an online ‘touchpad’ that appears in their browser and they enter their name, type their eSign and title, and the RMail system creates a final eSign record that places the signer’s information in the tagged location throughout the document.

Senders may obtain signatures for up to 100 recipients on up to 10 attachments per message, either on a first-come first-to-sign basis or sequentially. Senders receive a single PDF with a signature certificate plus a Registered Receipt™ authenticatable forensic audit trail record. Senders may add RMail email encryption for privacy and compliance.

Like the RMail E-Paper feature, the RMail Tags feature is convenient when senders need a simple way to attach and send any document for eSignature right from the sender’s mail client, email platform, email application, or using automation rules with RMail Gateway.

Contact an RMail integration specialist to learn more about how you can add RMail or RSign to your workflow.