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WorldCC Problem Solving “Spy vs. Spy” Lab

As CEO of RPost, we’ve supported WorldCC (sponsoring back in the IACCM days and recently in Dallas). While IDC named our RSign tech a worldwide eSignature leader a few months ago (see market quadrant chart) we were also named “Innovator of the Year” for digital transaction management by Aragon Research (read more).

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We’ve been asked to present a “Problem Solving” lab with one of our international customers at WorldCC Europe – if you’re not planning on attending, we invite you to join at post-conference webinar where we will present what we will share in Europe – brought to you in the comfort of your home or office. We’re interested of course, in learning how we can collaborate to solve (and pre-empt) new digital transaction and contract security risk, leaks, mis-directed payments, supplier fraud, and more, that are now being powered up by cybercriminal use of generative AI.

Summary of the Webinar

It’s now a Spy vs. Spy world; How to Solve Supplier Fraud, Impostor Lures, and More.

Cybercriminals are now using Gen AI to Mis-Direct payments by eavesdropping on the contracting, procurement, supplier management processes. This session will expose how cybercriminals use the dark side of Gen AI to steal, and provide real-life case studies of risks, losses, and new-age good-guy AI solutions to eavesdrop on the cybercriminal eavesdroppers.