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Secure Email and Certified Email API Service

Used worldwide since the early 2000’s in the RMail® secure messaging, the RPost Developer Center provides companies with all the RMail all functionality available through SMTP and APIs with à la carte or packaged solutions comprising combinations of APIs and message routing.

Common Integration

  1. Track & Prove (Registered Email)

  2. Email Encryption

  3. Electronic Signature

  4. File Share (up to 1GB in cumulative attachment size)

  5. Additional Features

We Make Automation Easy

Our APIs and connectors make it easy to extend your business with RMail using automation with access to RPost’s more than 50 granted patents with technologies that are foundational to secure and authenticated messaging, and electronic signatures and transactions.

  1. The simplest API and connector integration, anywhere.

  2. The most service features available; track, prove, eSign, encrypt, file share, and more.

  3. Completely configurable and elegantly easy to start, with our solution packages

Automation Solutions

Explore our automation solution packages. We’re here to help you showcase an operational win, providing you with a developer toolkit for success. We make it easy to automate secure messaging, web forms with data extraction, e-delivery authentication, electronic signature, and more.

Infinitely Customizable
  1. Present to your team a vision of what will be accomplished with use of the RMail and RSign APIs.

  2. Demonstrate how data will flow.

  3. Deploy recommend sets of APIs for desired functions

Infinitely Customizable

If you would like to implement one RMail function, or are designing your own message or document workflow, we provide the tools to mix-and-match service functions and to create your own unique workflows in minutes. You can browse our API library, carefully organized from a business functional perspective. Keep in mind, the API Library and API Solutions shared here explain how the APIs generally work. The RPost Development Team takes a hands-on approach and after understanding your needs and discuss different implementation options, R-Labs technology specialists prepare a recommended set of APIs with documentation. This process generates more success, faster.

We make it easy to automate any secure messaging and eSignature workflow.

There are several ways a company can integrate the RMail service. The method of choice will depend on the features desired, the email workflow, and the platform that RMail will be integrated into. The following methods are the most common integration types:

  1. SMTP Routing

  2. Total API

  3. Hybrid SMTP/API

  4. Send iFrame

  5. Microsoft Outlook

  6. RMail Gateway

  7. Salesforce