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Secure Email Gateway

RMail Gateway automates encryption compliance for all emails sent from mobile devices, servers and applications.

Regulated businesses are required to send personal private information (i.e. PII and PHI) encrypted to comply with HIPAA, GDPR and other state and federal privacy laws. Businesses using the RMail Gateway™ can automate security and compliance across all users, whether the sent messages are from their mobile device, email program, or a customer management system. Companies using the RMail Gateway can create compliance polices where there are no additional actions required at the sender level. Emails are automatically encrypted via pre-defined rules based on key words in the message or subject, recipient domains, or an unlimited variety of customizable rules and combinations.

RMail Gateway is recommended for businesses that want the best of RMail for all senders in the company. Enable all email senders for encrypt-all or encrypt by rule; add Registered Email, eSignature rules.

  1. Service Levels: Choose standard, business, enterprise, expert or volume service levels.

  2. Specialized RMail Outbound Services: Includes RMail transmission encryption, message level encryption, Registered Email e-delivery proof, and RSign Lite electronic signatures.

  3. Inbound Features: Includes anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-abuse, and other security services.

  4. Cloud: This is a Cloud service. A Local option is available for expert users.

RMail Gateway benefits include:

  1. No training needed for customer employees, as all email is automatically encrypted based on pre-defined encryption rules.

  2. Simple for recipients – the industry leading encryption experience for the recipient.

  3. Simple to implement – only requires 1 to 2 hours of IT staff to set-up.

  4. Encrypts email transmission regardless of recipient TLS status, unlike standard Microsoft Outlook encryption (Microsoft and Google report that on average, 25% of email may not be transmitted with a secure enough transmission).

  5. Accepted by all recipients. For example, every insurance carrier accepts RMail encrypted messages and has done so for more than a decade.