Tech Essentials-Business Process Automation with SMART E-Sign and E-Security

Business Process Automation with SMART eSign and E-Security

April 26, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

A Day to Be SMART

You may recall that our June 2020 Global User Conference was all about optimizing business processes with more digitization. At a time when there was a vast shift to working from home and shifting to electronic delivery of documents and communications, I’d like to think we were at the vanguard of new movement.

Fast forward a year, and the conversation has shifted greatly from ‘what must we do different’ to ‘how can we take the learnings of the previous year to be better and move forward’. Or put more simply: ‘how can we most intelligently adapt to the rapid organizational change we’re seeing all over the world.’ Or put even more simply: ‘How can we do things smarter?’

And this will be the guiding theme behind the RPost 2021 global user conference: Optimize 2021: SMART eSign & E-Security. While it will be hard to top the information sharing from the more than 80 panelists that participated from around the world last year, we will!

The Conference (save the date, June 17) is all about what we like to call SMART. Think technologies that when combined are to you, SMART-as-a-Service. In other words:

    • Smarter use of your current business applications and security services by exploring more ways to use edge features and automate processes;
    • Smarter ways to auto-train your users to get more out of the tech tools;
    • Smarter prediction technologies to enable e-security when your people are least aware;
    • Smarter ways to visualize who is using your technologies how and when; and
    • Smarter digitization of your forms and workflows with eSignatures.

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Just as we did in 2020, we’ll be showcasing expert and peer insights in rapid-paced interactive panel sessions relating to tech insights and trends and short-form live demo-discussion sessions to bring to life the exploration of a range of eSign, e-security, business process automation and top-choice tech tools.

In a larger sense, while technology becomes more dehumanized with “AI”, this conference will aim to humanize your overall technology digitization experience, meaning that we will all be learning, sharing, and mingling in a fun and informal (virtual) setting and, like last year, we will have the always-popular cash giveaways.

So now that you can mark down June 17 in your calendars, you can expect from us in the coming days and weeks:

    • Detailed registration info;
    • Agenda details; and
    • Expert speakers info.

Plus, we will be devoting some of the next Tech Essentials columns to real-world, useful tips on smarter use of eSign, smarter use of encryption and secure file sharing, smarter use of Registered Email™ e-delivery tracking and proof, to name a few. We’re looking forward to an exciting event and we’ll (virtually) see you on June 17.

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