E-Sign and E-Security for All Businesses

eSign and E-Security for All Businesses

June 14, 2021 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Life on Mars Discovered to be Better with RPost

I’m sitting here writing this as my chartered spacecraft hurtles towards Mars, gazing out the window to see that beautiful blue marble (Earth) recede into the blackness of space. I’m joining an advanced team of RMail and RSign product experts and customer success heroes, as we prepare for our big annual conference, Optimize!2021. (Note to shareholders: we all got to Mars flying coach.) I’m only a couple hours away from landing on the Red Planet where we’re setting up our state-of-the-art conference center facility for next Thursday’s June 17th conference. Optimize2021! will begin midnight Mars time, and we’ve imported lots of Guatemalan coffee to keep us all awake for the duration.

When I soon land, I’ll be greeted by Martian president, Klaatu, who will be giving us a tour of the planet before we participate in a joint press conference announcing the conference to all Martian citizens and bestowing on RPost the honor of being the official eSign and e-security provider of the entire planet. Yes, Martians and Earthlings alike have come to view our products as simply the most affordable, most innovative, most feature-rich while also being elegantly easy to use with RMail’s newly infused AI.

And in advance of this momentous interplanetary announcement, I want to share with you for the first time our most recent agenda for Optimize!2021 (click here and then click the Martian-red Agenda button to view online), which outlines the stages, panels and rooms where our 50+ SMART speakers will be. I would have shared sooner, but we’ve been adding so many speakers, it’s been hard to keep up.

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The bottom line is that whether you’re in the legal, insurance (agency or broker side), financial, or self-storage industries, whether you’re a tech player, or business operator, there will be sessions and dedicated tracks that will zero in on relevant eSign and e-security topics vital for your business. If you’re an MSP, you will hear from IT experts on the front-line discussing tech trends related from simplifying e-security to automating eSignatures (i.e., what makes Microsoft Office better for business). In addition, there will be sessions dedicated to what’s new and cool in your industry as well as the latest tech trends that you simply cannot ignore. There will be a lab dedicated to showcasing award-winning innovations as well as breakout sessions devoted to humanizing tech and presenting expert highlights from peers in your specific industry.

A lot of people have been asking me: ‘what if I can’t get to Mars to attend in person?’ Well, as the Martians say, “Erku Blat Slin Sheebar,” which roughly translates to, “you can attend remotely on Earth by accessing our cool, redesigned virtual Conference Center”. A link will be provided in an upcoming email…

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I have to go now. We’re beginning the landing procedure, and I know that Klaatu is at the dock, anxious to begin the ceremonies. Please stay tuned for more important Optimize!2021 announcements as we approach the big day. (Click here to see who is speaking or to register).