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How To Check if the Email Sent was Delivered Encrypted all through to the Recipient

December 13, 2021 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Registered Encryption, The Must-Have Gift of 2021

I’m not telling you anything new when I say that this holiday season is a bit unique—maybe not as unique (or uniquely bad) as last year, but certainly a time without precedent in my memory.

First of all, it seems like the holiday shopping season got started in August, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday started weeks in advance. By now, we all know the reasons why—supply chain shortages, companies eager to nab every remaining stimulus dollar out there, etc. The retail numbers bear this out, as so much shopping was done prior to the actual Black Friday that the sales day itself was rather lackluster.

Add to this the facts that we’re seeing once-in-a-generation levels of inflation, a lack of fun gifts (where’s 2021’s versions of the snuggie or baby yoda merch?) and products without many cool, new features (what does the iPhone 13 do that the 12 doesn’t exactly?). It’s not too hard to see why so many people are forgoing gifts entirely this year. According to one report, 11.5% of Americans (a record) are not buying gifts this season. Bah Humbug!

Well, Santa has his elves, and we at RPost have our awesome development team, and there’s something they’ve put together that’s new and cool (at least in our e-security world) that may just resurrect what looks to be a dreary holiday season: RMail’s Registered Encryption™ feature. Ok fine. This is obviously not something little Jimmy will be getting himself out of bed for at 5AM on Christmas morning, but hear me out.

Registered Encryption™, a new patent-pending RPost technology, provides the sender visibility around whether a sent email was in fact delivered encrypted from the sender’s desktop to the recipient’s inbox—it’s like the RMail Registered Receipt™ you’ve all come to know and love, but now you get certified proof of encryption. Put another way, Registered Encryption™ will not only show you that your message got to the receiver encrypted but that it traveled the whole way encrypted. This is an elegant gift, important not only for security reasons, but also as it makes privacy compliance blissfully visible.

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Registered Encryption™ can record whether an email that was sent has remained at an acceptable or best level of encryption from the sender’s desktop through to and while inside the recipient’s inbox while the message is at rest; and can prove if needed – with an auditable and authenticatable record – that the sender did transmit specific content in their message end-to-end encrypted.

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This provides not only sender assurance, confidence, and peace-of-mind, but it also provides compliance staff audit-ready proof of compliance and IT staff early warnings if a server somewhere in the email path is misconfigured from a security perspective. For GDPR and PCI, this is crucial. And speaking of PCI, you can configure the exact acceptable security level (e.g., TLS) you need to in order to be in compliance with regulators.

So Registered Encryption™ may not be the hottest gift on the market for 2021, the e-security equivalent of the Cabbage Patch doll in the 80s, but it does offer up genuinely novel technology to solve some of the more pressing compliance requirements in the US and Europe. And you won’t have to worry about parents getting into fist fights over it because it is now available with every RMail subscription.

Feel free to contact us to discuss Registered Encryption™ and RMail in general. Enjoy the weekend and all the shopping it has to offer.