Optimize E-Sign and E-Security Tools

Optimize eSign and E-Security Tools

July 24, 2020 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

The People Have Spoken: Americans (TE Readers) Prefer to Relive Live Events

In one of the biggest election upsets since 1948 when Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey, Tech Essentials readers delivered a resounding vote of support (85%!) to relive the full moments of our Optimize!2020 Virtual Conference as opposed to the ‘crib-note’ highlight reels. In the spirit of full discourse, the Tech Essentials staff expected a much different result.

You may recall that two weeks ago we asked readers to “vote by click” to determine what format of video from our hit Optimize!2020 eSign and E-Security user conference would be the most preferred (our SportsCenter article). From this we hypothesized we would glean valuable insight into the psyches of our readership, a microcosm of business professionals across America, as well as the e-learning dopamine needs of today. It’s now clear that the vast majority prefer the full content of educational sessions.

Below are the complete results:

video clicks

(Scroll to bottom for shortcut links if you would like to re-live any of these now.)

Our stunned analysts are still scrambling to find meaning in the results—was it a ‘pandemic effect’ where people simply had more time on their hands to watch the full clips. Or was it a genuine, organic desire for optimizing eSign and e-security tools when considering the need for feature-rich plus affordability (the theme of the conference and on-demand sessions). We may never know. What is clear is that interest in getting the full picture of how RMail and RSign can optimize your businesses is the clear preference.

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With e-learning here to stay throughout the fall and winter of this year, perhaps the continuous, non-highlight reel format makes more sense. It gives viewers valuable context and a greater sense of the ‘big picture’. The fact remains that those who persevere through the full version of content retain the message better than with brief clips. I know I can remember and even enjoyed the full books I read in high school a lot better than the Cliff Notes version—though the latter obviously took less time.

Perhaps the lesson is that if you are selective enough about what you consume in the first place, you can afford the time to ingest the full message of content and retain the learnings more effectively.

Or perhaps I’m just reading way too much into this. I’d love to know your thoughts on the matter (to send us a thought, click here).

P.S. If you missed out on re-living Optimize!2020, we include shortcut links below.

— Those go-getters interested in optimizing their eSign and e-security tools who are considering the need for feature-rich plus affordability at scale should watch the (now on-demand) recordings from this conference. Optimize!2020 – click here for instant, free access to re-live the conference.

— Those fast-forward-button-lovers who prefer the SportsCenter-esque “Top 10” highlights of Optimize!2020 should watch the condensed 1-minute clips of their peers explaining their recommendations to optimize eSign and e-security with affordability in mind.