Protect Against Human-Managed Attacks That Penetrate Both Your Security and of Your Email Recipients

Protect Against Human-Managed Attacks That Penetrate Both Your Security and of Your Email Recipients

September 22, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Got a Billion-Dollar IT Budget? If Not, Read On…

Got a billion-dollar IT budget? Got the best Microsoft cybersecurity tools money can buy? Got teams and teams of IT staff who proactively monitor lights blinking on servers and charts on screens looking for cybercriminal activity within your network?

Even if you did, like the US State Department and MGM Grand Casinos do, a certain amount and type of cybercriminal activity -- Human-Managed Attacks -- will find its way through the layers of defenses. 

And, if you don’t have this type of budget or IT team pro-actively protecting you 24/7 --- and most businesses do not --- you’d better beware.

As the US State Department recently reported, like panning for gold, many of the inbound email and network security filters detect the larger golden nuggets of cybercrime in the filter screens; but it’s the targeted, fine sludge of attacks -- Human-Managed Attacks -- that trickle through these filtering screens and can kill your business unless quickly identified and pre-empted.

What saved the US State Department, which had its inbound filters successfully breached? Remember, the US Government has all the money in the world to throw at cybersecurity yet finely tuned cybercriminal activities filter through their inbound defenses. In this State example, pure luck, some elbow grease, and one innovative IT professional saved the day. The IT professional rigged what you might think of as a digital tripwire dubbed the “Big Yellow Taxi”. This “trip wire” triggered when it detected some anomalies related to some email circulating internally. Digital tripwire triggered, email anomaly detected, and cybercrime in progress thwarted.

The MGM Grand, which owns many of the main casinos in Las Vegas, was not so lucky. Sure, they likewise have a mega IT security budget, and teams and teams of IT security professionals monitoring flashing lights on servers and screens with dynamically adjusting charts day and night, but they lacked this type of ad-hoc digital tripwire to look at email anomalies to thwart cybercrimes in progress. The result, cybercriminals held most of Las Vegas casino operations hostage waiting for ransom to be paid.

If you’re reading this, we’re fairly confident that you don’t have the luck and IT budgets of State, and perhaps worse, have some of the tendency for the unfortunate to occur, like MGM Grand.

We know even you will be attacked. That is a statistical fact. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. As cybersecurity professionals put it, in a cybersecurity “Zero Trust” world, it's essential to assume that sophisticated threats will, at some point, bypass your initial security measures. Even those fancy Microsoft filters.

Now for the good news.

We’ve identified how YOU can easily, at a mere cost of two fancy coffee drinks a month, have your own digital tripwire. No need to have billion-dollar IT budgets (yes, you might need to forgo two cappuccinos a month to trade off on the cost), and no need to feed an army of IT professionals.

RMail now offers an additional layer of protection against Human-Managed Attacks that can penetrate both your security and that of your email recipients. Given the financial and operational impact of Business Email Compromise and Ransomware attacks, this extra layer—RMail in-the-inbox and outbound-to-recipient security—is indispensable.

RMail acts as a dynamic, evolving layer in your security strategy, designed to identify threats that manage to bypass all other defenses. It adds security markers to messages as they circulate within your organization and as they are transmitted to external recipients. These markers continue to function even after the email has been delivered and forwarded through replies. RMail's AI-infused cybersecurity operations centers analyze this data against evolving cybercriminal activity patterns, providing real-time alerts when threats are detected within your network.

With RMail, best of all, any company large or small can turn RMail on with a simple installation inside Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or by adding an outbound security gateway automated hop. Learn how RMail thwarted cybercrimes in this short industry webinar or contact RPost to inquire about RMail PRE-Crime services here.