RPost Services are a Logical Extension to any Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 Installation, According to Ingram Micro

RPost Services are a Logical Extension to any Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 Installation, According to Ingram Micro

April 04, 2018 / in Blog, Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Ingram Micro Australia has added RPost email security services to its cloud marketplace, considering the heightened interest in email security and compliance that has fueled demand for RPost. Ingram Micro is the world’s largest technology distributor.

“Customers in regulated industries, as well as businesses large and small, have relied on RPost technologies for more than a decade, for the highest levels of security and compliance with the simplest user experience,” states Lee Welch, Director Cloud Services, ANZ, Ingram Micro. “We are pleased to bring these services, to track, prove, eSign and encrypt, to our channel partners worldwide, with a variety of service plans to fit any company’s need.”

RPost services are a logical extension to any Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 user as RPost services add award winning email encryption, eSignatures, secure large file sharing, Registered Email certified e-delivery proof, open tracking, auditable proof of data privacy compliance, and much more, into the Microsoft Outlook user interface.

“RPost’s RMail simply makes Microsoft better for business,” adds John Maguire, Executive Manager at Magoo & Associates, an Ingram Micro channel partner. “Our customers benefit with all features included in one app, the RMail app, with the all-in-one aspect of the RMail solution providing a more elegant user experience and a more economical approach, as compared to trying to piece together different features from different vendors if even available.”

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RMail® is an all-in-one email extension for security, compliance and productivity. Users that install RMail are auto-enrolled with a free default service plan for RSign. RSign® is a simple to use, full featured, web-based eSignature service that makes it easy for signers to complete and sign documents electronically using any web browser, in an intuitive, guided signing process.

Those that want unbreakable and anonymous quantum secure messaging, off of email, should additionally consider OTP Messaging™ services.

OTP Messaging™ is the first ever quantum secure messaging app, for the ultimate in communications privacy and anonymity.

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To view RPost products in the Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace Australia, visit http://www.ingrammicrocloud.com.au/ or directly view the RPost RMail or OTP Messaging products. The US marketplace also includes these products.

Microsoft Outlook Integrated

Microsoft Outlook Integrated