RSign E-Signature Services Cited as A Strong Performer

RSign eSignature Services Cited as A Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm

May 13, 2013 / in Electronic Signatures / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RSign achieves top score in breadth and depth of eSignature services, compliance with industry/country regulations and technical standards, and enterprise scalability categories.

Forrester Research, Inc. has recognized RSign as a strong performer in electronic signature services, according to the report, The Forrester Wave™: eSignatures, Q2 2013. RPost was among select companies Forrester Research invited to participate in its Forrester Wave™: eSignatures report. In this evaluation, RSign was recognized with top score (5 out of 5 possible) for

1. Breadth and depth of eSignature services,
2. Compliance with industry/country regulations and technical standards, and
3. Enterprise scalability.

In the Report, Forrester Research also gave RSign high scores (4 out of 5 possible) for

1. eSignature Capture technology,
2. Global Support, and
3. Overall Strategy.

The Forrester Wave™: eSignatures, Q2 2013 report cites, “strong performers have well-balanced offerings — in some cases they are focused on specific use cases or geographic areas, or they offer lower cost options.”

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The Report continues, “RSign stems from a secure e-delivery space. Although it provides web-centric eSign services, RSign, unlike most reviewed vendors, has focused on email-centric eSign services. Using email in the signoff process, users do not have any interaction with a website to sign the document, and senders can automate sending from legacy and custom business applications by simply configuring the recipient signer email address to route via RSign. RSign has offered services since 2000 and has enterprise customers that have used RSign services continuously since 2003. It provides eSignature as part of a Registered Email™ service offering, which includes services to track, prove, sign, and encrypt high-value messages and documents. RSign has been extending its vision beyond email, as more business will be conducted through file-share and collaboration services or interactive sites.”

RSign customers have relied on its services for critical business processes for more than 10 years. RSign eSignature customers are among the largest companies in the world, with thousands of small business customers enjoying the simplicity of use of RSign services. In RPost’s 2012 year end survey, RSign’s users reported using RSign’s eSignature services in the following industries: Insurance, Financial Services, Law, Health Care, Telecom and IT, Automotive, Construction, Marketing, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Engineering, Defense/Military, and Mining; with the majority of use in the United States, but also use in Latin America, Europe (including UK and Continental), Asia (including China and Russia), Africa, and Australia.