Upgrade Strengthens RMail’s Unique Salesforce App Capabilities

November 14, 2013 / in Blog, Encryption/Security / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

RMail today announced a major update to its RMail App for Salesforce.com. This update fills existing data privacy compliance and e-signature gaps and is unique in that:

    1. You can encrypt both the message body AND attachments for data privacy/compliance. Most cloud-based document sharing services send the document only secure/private – not the message body.
    2. You have DIRECT DELIVERY of documents to recipients, not simply a link requiring the recipient to register elsewhere to view and download.
    3. You receive proof of encrypted delivery for peace of mind, records and compliance in case of an audit or accusations of data breach.
    4. You (as an individual sender or corporate-wide) retain records of the attached document’s content, with time of delivery. Without such an app, attachments are not automatically saved.
    5. You receive verifiable proof of original and unalterable content (message body, attachments), time of delivery AND open tracking. Cloud delivery services do not easily show this.
    6. You can record signoff on message body text, AND/OR attached documents, without any document preparation or templates.
    7. You can pre-load templates with or without attachments, prove delivery of content, encrypt messages, and e-sign.
    8. You have access to detailed exportable usage and tracking data in CSV and/or XML formats.
    9. You get all of the above, integrated as an all-in-one app that runs within Salesforce.com.
    10. You can also use our Outlook add-in (with the same capabilities) for messages you prefer to send with Outlook.