Privacy Policy Notice – RDocs Service Supplement

RPost is a global cloud service provider for secure and certified electronic communications with its patented e-delivery proof, encryption, and e-signature technologies. Millions of users have enjoyed RPost services for more than a decade in more than 100 countries.

This RPost service is referred to herein as the RDocs™ service but also referred to with other names by RPost partners, sellers, and affiliates (“Service”). This is a terms statement and disclosure that supplements the RPost Privacy Policy, Service Level Agreement, and End User License Agreement, and other legal terms materials posted at, as amended from time to time.

The RDocs™ service, RPD™ product, and underlying technology is patented and has patents pending in the United States and other countries, including US Patent application 18/134,480 and international patent application PCT/US2023/018574. For more information on RPost patents and patent applications, please visit and contact RPost. RDocs™, RDoc™, and RPD™ are trademarks protected under Common Law used in commerce and owned by RPost Communications Limited.

The Service generates RPD protected files, also referred to as RDoc™ files, that are designed to assist users who have accounts (“Users”) with the ability to share and protect information (“Content”) and analyzing how their Content is sent, received, or viewed by their customers, prospective customers, and other third parties that are not registered Users of the Service (“Viewers”).

The Service collects information related to Viewers on behalf of our Users (“Data”). The Service provides this Data to Users who are originators of RPD files or have access rights to those who are originators of RPD files. Neither RPost nor any RPost partner, seller, employee, or affiliate (“RPost and its Affiliates”) is responsible for the privacy policies or privacy practices of Users or their third parties with regards to their use of the Data.

I. The Data

When viewers interact RPD files, the Service collect information that alone or in combination with other information could be used to identify your email address and interaction with the Content by Viewers accessing files at your email address (“Data”), as described below:

  1. If you are a Viewer, a User may request or require that a Viewer provide them with information (including potentially Personal Data) via the Service to view that User’s Content; to access Content that a User wants to share with Viewers, a Viewer may be asked to provide his or her email address upon opening an RPD file. If the RDocs service determines that the Viewer is in Europe or the United Kingdom, and the RDocs service level requires the Viewer to enter an email address or code to associate with their email address or themselves with the activity related to their viewing instance of the RPD file, the RDocs service intends to display a notation to inform the User that their activity related to the RPD file is being recorded and is accessible by the document originator. If a document originator would like this notation to be applied for other geographic regions, it is the responsibility of the document originator to request from RPost that such additional service be applied to their RPD files. This geolocation notation function depends on the Viewer’s normal use internet addresses that are related to their physical location and is therefore offered on a technical best-efforts basis.
  2. RPost stores this information on behalf of our Users. If a Viewer provides a User with this information, the Viewer does so in accordance with that User’s privacy practices and policies. RPost and its Affiliates are not responsible for the privacy practices of its Users, and only processes this information in accordance with the applicable agreement it has with each User. If you are a Viewer of a User’s Content and would no longer like to be contacted by such User that uses the Service, you will need to contact the User whose Content that you interacted with directly.

II. Collected Data

  1. When you use the Service, RPost automatically records information from your Device, its software, and your activity using the Service. This includes the Device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, browser type, location, locale and language preferences, identification numbers associated with your Devices, date and time stamps associated with transactions, system configuration information, interactions within the RPD file including likes and voting, metadata concerning the Content, and other interactions with the Content and the Service.
  2. RPost collects this information to deliver the Service and to provide our Users with reporting and analytics relating to the use of the Service. This information is made available to Users via the Service (for example, RPost provides Users with information on a Viewer’s location based on that Viewer IP address) and may be associated with other information about the User and its Viewers. If you are a Viewer who views Content you receive from a User via the Service, RPost automatically collects information about your interaction with such Content and the Service, including but not limited to:
    1. Whether or not you have viewed or are viewing Content;
    2. Date and time you viewed the Content, for each viewing;
    3. Number of times and length of time Content was viewed;
    4. Which portions of the Content were viewed;
    5. Your email address, and
    6. Your IP address and location.

Last updated November 1, 2023