Within RPost’s CHATMAIL™ and other RPost AI content generation products, RPost uses third party AI models in a manner that protects users’ privacy. Unlike other chatbots, chat apps or browser search products, the information a user submits by email to RPost.AI products is not associated with any specific AI model user account inside the AI models or any browser or app, which makes it such that user query content is not tagged with a particular user profile inside the AI models. Further, RPost.AI does not store email chat history.

Users should, however, understand that while their specific queries and email submissions to RPost.AI products are not associated with a user account within the AI models, the user submission content may be used to further train these AI models and therefore users should take this into consideration when choosing what content to submit into these AI models by email.

All content submitted is analyzed by, and content generated and returned is created at least in part by third party AI models and AI engines including at least one and at times more than one of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its family of AI large language models, Google’s PaLM and its family of AI large language models, Anthropic’s Claude and its family of AI large language models, Meta’s Llama and its family of AI large language models, among others (“AI models”). Users agree to use these RPost.AI products at their own risk.

Neither RPost nor its affiliates or partners are responsible for the privacy of content or disclosure of non-public or private personal content to these AI models for content submitted, or the interpretation or display of content returned to users during use of RPost.AI products.

RPost teams, in their efforts to educate customers and the marketplace on its RPost.AI offering or other RPost products, services, customer stories, or offerings, itself may use RPost.AI products and/or these noted AI models directly, for its generation of content and creative material. RPost considers the content and creative output from these AI models as a contribution to materials that are then adapted by humans for specific purpose use, rather than using the AI models to fully automate generation of content and creative material.

CHATMAIL™ is an unregistered trademark of RPost. The RPost.AI products are patent pending US 63/466,919.

Last updated August 24, 2023