Blemain Group to Use RPost Services for Its Mortgage Lending Operation

January 06, 2014 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Blemain Group to use RPost services for its mortgage lending operationSpecialist lender Blemain Group has agreed to use RPost email services to deliver key documents speedily, securely and with proof of delivery and content delivered. This follows a successful three month trial with RPost Registered Email service, which allows you to send correspondence and documents securely by email, in a tamper-proof form.

The service provides legal proof of sending, content and time delivered, which means there is legally-admissible evidence in the event of disputes.

RPost provides end-to-end encryption of personal, confidential and sensitive data to satisfy the Financial Conduct Authority and Information Commissioner, and automatic conversion of attachments to pdf. The integral digital signature feature allows electronic contract agreement by email.

Commenting on the benefits from the decision to deploy RPost services, Paul Evans, head of operational quality at Blemain Group, said: “RPost has assisted in reviewing our current processes to improve the overall customer and supplier experience with very little internal systems change and a simple Microsoft Outlook interface.

“The adoption of RPost into the business has been easy for our staff. RPost has allowed us to achieve these objectives in a short time frame, and we are looking into more ways to integrate it into our business processes.”

In addition, by making colleagues, employees and business partners aware of the use of RPost to record all sent email, RPost acts as a deterrent to employee fraud.

There is also no need for business partners and correspondents to purchase or install new software or technology.