ePostalNews: Bermuda Declares RPost E-Mail Legal: Bermuda Post Launches RMail

February 07, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

ePostalNews: Bermuda Declares RPost E-Mail Legal: Bermuda Post Launches RMailThe government of Bermuda has recognized the legality of RPost’s Registered Email messages ahead of the Bermuda Post Office starting to sell the US company’s new web-based RMail widgetry to local businesses.

The office of the island’s attorney-general has issued a legal option that RPost satisfies the criteria outlined in the country’s Electronic Transactions Act of 1999.

It finds RPost’s Registered Receipts “the functional equivalent of paper mail, to be used in lieu of certified mail, registered mail, return receipt mail, private express mail services, fax logs and similar types of paper mail services” and says RPost e-mails provide a “verifiable, court-admissible record of the e-mail transaction with high evidential weight – proof of precise content (message body and all attachments) and official time the e-mail was sent and received by each recipient.”

It also found RPost’s mouse-scripted signatures binding on contracts.

R-Post’s new RMail web-based interface integrates its platform with all existing e-mail packages – public and private – so people never have to leave their comfort zone.

RPost CEO Zafar Khan said, “We have found that users do not want to create new e-mail accounts simply to access e-post services and as such users of these Bermuda Post R-Mail services do not need to create any new e-mail accounts to access and use the service. It is simple, complements your existing e-mail account, and can be used from anywhere. Given the choice, if it is important, people will ‘Compose R-Mail’ rather than ‘Compose Email’ – which permits users to send Registered Email messages with a variety of message enhancements.”

Reprinted with permission from ePostalNews.