Fierce Enterprise Communications: RPost Files Patent Suit Against Software Provider Telarix

August 12, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Fierce Enterprise Communications: RPost Files Patent Suit Against Software Provider Telarixby Jim O’Neill – Fierce Enterprise Communications

RPost, an email encryption and electronic signature provider that last month rolled out a patent infringement lawsuit against Adobe’s EchoSign technology, yesterday filed suit against Telarix, which supplies interconnect business optimization software to wireline, broadband and VoIP service providers.

The suit alleges Telarix has infronged three RPost patents in Telarix’s handling of 10 million monthly telecommunications transactions. Los Angeles-based RPost has asked the U.S. Federal Court to issue an injunction against Telarix to prevent further damages.

“Telarix customers clearly see value in RPost technology for proof of delivery, content and time of telecommunications notices. We offered Telarix the opportunity to tie its technology platform to RPost’s Registered Email system for legally valid proof of delivery of time-critical customer notices,” said RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “They refused, and rather, willfully used RPost’s published patents as a technology guide to build their own system. Telarix managers have ignored RPost’s strong patent protection in an act of technical plagiarism.”

RPost’s suit claims essential elements of Telarix iXLink and iXTools offerings infringe on three of RPost’s U.S. patents.

This isn’t the first go-round for RPost on the patent front. RPost said its 35 patents granted worldwide have priority over technology dating back to 1995.

In July, it sued Adobe, the day after Adobe acquired EchoSign for its electronic signature technology, claiming EchoSign infringed on five of its patents. It asked for an injunction and damages on infringing products. It also has suits pending against Docusign, the Swiss Post Office, the Canadian Post Office, and the U.S. Postal Service.