Gartner Tech Trends 2019 & RPost NYC Cybersecurity Investment Conference

November 29, 2018 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Gartner Tech Trends 2019 & RPost NYC Cybersecurity Investment ConferenceWith a foundation of security, compliance and productivity services centered around business communications, RPost continues to enhance its core software service offerings, while building for the next generation user and IT administrator experience. Gartner’s recently published top 10 technology trends for 2019 is a useful guide to assess a company’s DNA for innovation. RPost product roadmap and continuous evolution has anticipated some of these trends.

RPost has been identified as a technology cybersecurity innovator, invited to speak at the largest gathering of public and private sector technology security executives and the technology investment community, in New York City — the Imperial Capital 15th Annual Cybersecurity Investment conference. In RPost’s presentation session, scheduled for December 12, RPost’s CEO will preview what is hot today, within RPost’s product set, and how these products are evolving to meet the next technology trends. (Click to review conference)

RPost Maps to Gartner Trends “Digital Ethics and Privacy” and “Quantum Computing”
RPost is evolving core secure messaging and privacy products to empower companies and users, considering today’s need to not only operate in a (privacy) compliant manner, but to identify which communications need secrecy and perhaps anonymity. Some messages may need simple security for compliance, while others may need to remain private from the eavesdropping facilitated by big technology platforms that gather as much information as possible on people and their behaviors. RMail Registered Email service, with various encryption options, RMail Security Gateway with more automation options, and RPost’s OTP one-time pad quantum secure messaging network are each positioned to inspire RPost customers to evolve their thinking and use of cyber security messaging services, based on their particular needs, which may change on a message-by-message basis.

RPost Maps to Gartner Trend “Augmented Analytics”
RPost’s core Registered Email patented technologies relate to analytics around electronic communications. Born within its Registered Email e-delivery tracking and proof services, RPost has and continues to extend the visibility into what is happening related to high value messages within a customer and the ecosystem of contacts, either in aggregate or on a message-level basis. The natural evolution of the Registered Email service is to use what Gartner terms as augmented analytics, to provide the most valuable insights to the variety of stakeholders within a customer company (end users, supervisors, technology administrators, general managers, etc.) based on the role of the person and their business function (sales, human resources, IT, compliance, legal, business process operations, etc.). This truly provides an enhanced experience, building on RPost’s core electronic messaging patented tracking technologies.

RPost Maps to Gartner Trend “Blockchain”
RPost’s core evidence records, its Registered Receipt forensic email delivery tracking and proof and its Digital Seal sender and sent content authentication, are built on the underlying technologies used in blockchain. As these RPost technologies become ubiquitous, RPost has the ability to extend its digital authentication and non-repudiation technologies using blockchain, for those customers that see an advantage in propagating the authentication elements of their communications distributed across the Internet.

While RPost’s core RMail Registered Email e-delivery proof, email encryption, email imposter protection, secure filing sharing, and RSign e-signature products are most often installed for business executives inside Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra, and CRM platforms, the future of RPost’s product platforms, and the success for RPost’s customers, is an RPost product set that considers the entire product experience for its customers. This is the roadmap of RPost’s continuous product evolution.