Home-Based Agents Can Now Protect Their Emails, OSSN’s Gary Fee Says

July 10, 2006 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Home-Based Agents Can Now Protect Their Emails, OSSN’s Gary Fee Says

JUPITER, Fla., July 10 — You receive an urgent phone call from the grand parents who’ve paid for 20 family members to sail with them on a 50th wedding anniversary cruise. They claim it’s your fault that several relatives had trouble boarding the ship, because you misspelled passengers’ names on the final list that you emailed to the cruise line’s group department.

Or, you find yourself in small claims court fighting a former client who swears that you never offered him travel insurance on his vacation that was cancelled due to an approaching hurricane (when your records show he declined the coverage — a fact that you confirmed with this client via email).

To protect home-based travel agents in these types of situations, the Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN) has agreed to endorse the services offered by RPost®, one of the world’s leading providers of Registered Email™. “For many travel agents, email has largely replaced postal mail and faxes as the primary means of communicating in writing with suppliers and clients,” said Gary Fee, OSSN’s founder and president. “RPost will give our members a simple tool that makes their emails completely accountable and verifiable.”

Using RPost’s software, agents can send Registered Email™ messages that generates a tamper proof Registered Receipt™ containing data that proves not only the time and date that the email was received but also the contents. “Registered Email™ actually confirms what an agent said in the email — everything from passenger lists to payment terms and prices,” Fee said. “You can’t do that even with registered letters or overnight express packages. Plus, it’s faster and cheaper to communicate this way with suppliers and clients.”

OSSN will recommend that its members consider using RPost emails when communicating with suppliers about reservations, deposits and payments, and commissions. Also, Registered Email™ should be sent when giving clients their travel confirmations, trip terms and conditions, and other legal information.

Founded in 1990, OSSN is North America’s largest trade organization dedicated solely to home-based travel agents, serving almost 7,000 members and more than 60 chapters around the United States and Puerto Rico. It is headquartered in Jupiter, Fla.