Ingram Micro Austria Adds the Best RSign & RMail by RPost to Cloud

March 03, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Ingram Micro Austria Adds the best RSign & RMail by RPost to CloudIngram Micro Expands its Global Partnership with RPost to Make Microsoft Better for Business in Austria with Microsoft 365-integrated RMail E-Security and RSign E-Signatures.

Vienna, Austria, 3 March 2021 – Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor and RPost, a leader in e-signature automation and email cybersecurity software services, announce the expansion of RPost’s e-signature and email security (encryption privacy compliance, certified delivery proof, secure file share, and impostor protection) services now available to Ingram Micro channel partners across Austria. (Register: March 3 Webinar)

“We’ve seen our customers everywhere adapt to more remote work and, with it, the need for not only a feature-rich e-signature service, but also one that is more affordable at scale and with people who are friendlier-to-work with. Think RSign,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan, makers of RSign e-signatures and RMail e-security. “At the same time, more sophisticated cyber criminals are targeting those working in less structured home environments, fueling a need for email encryption that is easy enough to use frequently. Think RMail.”

RPost services are a logical extension of Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. “With RMail and RSign so much is possible. Some of our customers like the affordability, others report they enjoy the product’s unique approach to simplifying security and document processes,“ states James Lancaster-Peat, of ABS corp., a managed service provider in the German and Austrian markets. RMail® and RSign® by RPost® add award winning e-signatures, elegantly easy email encryption, one-time secure large file sharing, and the global standard in Registered Email™ certified legal email delivery proof and much more into the Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, Zimbra and other user interfaces, and accessible with comprehensive API.

“We’re here for you, Ingram Micro partners across Austria,” adds Khan. “RMail and RSign make Microsoft better for business for your clients. We simply can’t afford to make you enter a support queue. Or upcharge for each feature. Or not be the most affordable. We’ll try harder for you. We are pleased to bring these great RMail and RSign services by RPost —  to track, prove, e-sign, encrypt, certify, and share — to our channel partners. And, we’ve done this with a variety of service plans to fit any company need; flexible, affordable, simple.”

With just a few clicks, partners can offer a cohesive customer journey to simplify updating security and compliance requirements alongside the best in more affordable e-signatures.

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“The partnership with RPost expands our great portfolio of cloud services and solutions in Austria. We are pleased to be able to offer our partners another global player in the field of security and productivity, with RPost’s feature-rich and more affordable RMail encryption and RSign e-signatures,” states Austrian-based Michael Thim, Business Development Manager Cloud, Ingram Micro GmbH. Customers in regulated industries, as well as businesses large and small, have relied on RPost technologies in the DACH markets for more than a decade, winning German and European awards for the highest levels of security and GDPR privacy compliance with the most feature-rich e-signatures, E-IDAS legal compliance, and the simplest user experience.

RPost has worked closely with Ingram Micro to ensure a wide variety of service plans are now available within Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace to provide flexible service plans with no minimums or commitments and pricing that is much more affordable.

RPost’s main products that are now accessible for Ingram Micro channel partners to bring to their customers via the Cloud Marketplace are:

    • RMail®, an all-in-one email extension for security, compliance and productivity, providing senders with simple-to-use compliant email encryption with encrypted replies and AI automation, email open tracking, Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, electronic signatures, secure large file transfers, auditable proof of compliance, and more. Powered by patented Registered Email™ technology, RMail returns a Registered Receipt™ record for every message sent, providing and proving important e-delivery details and data privacy compliance.
    • RSign® is a simple to use, full featured, web-based e-signature service that makes it easy for signers to complete and e-sign documents electronically using any web browser in an intuitive, guided signing process. RSign includes reminders & notification automation and rules, real-time delivery and signoff audit trail and history, bulk e-signing, as well as encryption, templates, advanced form features, advanced security and policies, and signer authentication.

“For the purposes of GDPR data privacy compliance related to e-mail, e-document delivery, and e-signing systems, RMail and its related RSign e-signature and digital forms services are an ideal solution,” states Volker Sommerfeld, Product Manager from Frama Communications and Frama Austria GmbH. “RMail is the professional solution for secure email that everyone can use. RSign meets all the requirements and is more affordable; it ticks all of the boxes and is easy to manage, simple to deploy and very elegant.”

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RPost is a leading e-signature and cybersecurity company providing email security, compliance, and e-sign productivity services, used by more than 25 million worldwide over more than a decade. RPost has set the global standard for secure and certified electronic communications, with more than 50 patents granted on its core Registered Email™ technologies, used everywhere to track and prove email delivery, encrypt email, protect from imposter email, secure large file transfers, and manage e-signature transactions. Recipient of the World Mail Award for Best in Security, Best Innovation in IT Award in Germany, and voted Top Choice for GDPR Email Data Privacy Compliance, RPost services are in use in nearly every country in the world, within Global Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by the most influential industry associations.

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