Insurance Agents Save Time & Money with RPost Registered Email™ services

February 06, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Insurance Agents Save Time & Money with RPost Registered Email™ Services

Endorsed by Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, RPost® Transforms Insurance Business Operations by Delivering Advanced Email Liability Protection.

Los Angeles, February 6, 2007 – RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™ service suite, today announced widespread adoption among independent insurance agencies and brokerages of RPost as the service platform for business-critical outbound email communications. Companies in the highly regulated insurance sector that now use RPost include Carroll Companies, Clemons Insurance, Finance Insurance Company, Frankel Insurance, Hayward Tilton & Rolapp Ins. Associates, Inc, HT Insurance, Seely-Durland, Inc., S.H. Smith & Company, Inc., and The Graham Company, among others. With RPost, these companies now have legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, message content and a detailed electronic trail from sender to receiver. With RPost, insurance brokers and agents can now comfortably and efficiently use email where paper was once the only way to transact business.

Insurance professional are conservative by nature and risk adverse, but are also under competitive pressure to streamline processes and drive greater efficiency. Confronted with huge Errors and Omissions (E&O) liability exposures, agents and brokers require new technologies that allow them to optimize electronic communications while minimizing risk. By shoring up the last-mile security gap in traditional electronic business communications, RPost Registered Email™ messages offer insurance professionals speed, security, accountability and personal liability protection in a simple, cost-effective solution that can be used when needed for an average cost of $0.59 per message, far less than overnight delivery or certified/registered snail mail.

“Seely-Durland, and indeed the entire insurance industry, needs a product like RPost’s Registered Email™ service for communicating with its customers, underwriters, marketing reps, claims adjustors, auditors and a host of other insurance related contacts,” commented Stuart Durland, vice president of Seely-Durland, Inc. and past president of ASCnet, the association of independent insurance agents and brokers. “The time-sensitive process of binding insurance coverage by traditional paper communications no longer meets the needs of market demands. RPost not only transforms the way brokers send orders to bind coverage and endorsement, but all communications among clients, brokers and carriers are expedited and afforded more accountability.”

“RPost’s Registered Email™ service has changed our practices on what we communicate by email as opposed to regular mail or fax. With RPost’s Registered Email™ service we are able to send much more information by email given RPost’s ability to provide legal proof of the delivery of the email content and attachments,” said A. Peter Prinsen, Vice President and General Counsel of The Graham Company.

RPost’s Registered Email™ service has been tested, accepted and used by U.S. government agencies needing simple, verifiable evidence of email delivery and content with an official time-stamp. This acceptance is further proof of the quality of the RPost Registered Email™ service and has enhanced its value to insurance agents and brokers.

“RPost provides a simple, inexpensive solution to the many shortcomings inherent in standard email because it proves delivery to every Internet mail address and provides verifiable evidence of the transaction in case of a dispute,” said David Kinder, CFO of S.H. Smith & Company, Inc. “RPost’s Registered Email™ gives us the peace of mind of knowing that an email we deem important can be certified with a date and time stamp on the send, receive, and read status, as well as providing legal proof of the content and attachments our agents delivered.”

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