Keller Williams Commercial Broker Won’t Send Important Communications or Conduct Transactions Without RPost

April 11, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

New RPost .Net API Enables Outlook Developers to Extend Their Apps With Email Tracking, Proof, Encryption, and E-SignaturesKeller Williams Commercial Broker Reports in a Video on the Benefits of RPost’s Registered Email Services for Providing Verifiable Proof on All Important Client/Broker Communications and Transactions.

LOS ANGELES, CA — April 11th, 2012 – Brian Fleming, a commercial broker with Keller Williams, found RPost after a client and another broker circumvented his rightful participation in a commercial transaction. Since then, he has used RPost’s Registered Email service for all his important client/broker communications and transactions.

“There is a significant advantage to using RPost in addition to the noticeable cost savings,” states Mr. Fleming. “Everything in the real estate business needs to be in writing. We email more and more every day; letters of importance, contracts, proposals, offering memorandums, and other documents. We not only need the verifiable proof the email was delivered, but we also need the verifiable proof of the message content. I believe so strongly in RPost, I recommended it to over 1600 fellow brokers stationed across the United States and Canada.”

The video is available to view here.

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RPost has set the standard for legal electronic messaging and document services with its patented Registered Email® services for delivery proofcompliant message encryption and legal electronic signatures. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, real estate, telecommunications and manufacturing where the speed of contract execution, data privacy, or court admissible email proof are a business requirement. Winner of the World Mail Award for security 2011, RPost is in use within the U.S. and international Governments, global F500 companies and endorsed by influential American Bar associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 35 patents worldwide and operates in 8 languages. To use RPost services, please visit

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