RPost Updates Outlook Email Plug-In

November 10, 2011 / in News / by RPost RPost Updates Outlook Email Plug-InBy Evan Koblentz –

RPost this week expanded its secure email service for Microsoft Outlook and said it’s preparing legal-specific industry partnerships.

The company’s product, RMail Desktop for Outlook, adds its own send button adjacent to the standard Microsoft one. RMail allows senders to encrypt messages and request delivery signatures; the new version adds the ability to send their own signatures and to allow encrypted replies, as well.

“Also in the new version is a secure large-file mailing service,” RPost’s director of corporate services, Alex Khan, explained. “All of the new features ship as a free download for existing customers, and a future upgrade will increase the reporting features,” he added. Customers typically pay around $15 per month per user, and there are also usage-based subscriptions starting at $79 per month for up to 100 messages.

In addition, Los Angeles-based RPost is adding to its stable of legal technology partners through the company’s application marketplace, which launched in October.

“We work with companies or partners to integrate our applications through a few different APIs we have. There’s no cost. The second phase, which is coming online shortly, will be industry-specific,” Khan said. A partnership with Esquire Innovations was announced in August, and more are expected in January or February of 2012, along with applications in the CRM, healthcare, and insurance fields, he explained.

“We do have large law firms that have been using the service for quite some time. We also have a number of corporate counsels that are using the service internally,” Khan said, although declining to identify any.

“Looking at average usage for attorneys across firms with more than 100 users, the average use is approximately 50 registered email messages per attorney per month,” he added.

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