Mortgage Finance Gazette: Sending Emails Safely and Securely

May 18, 2011 / in News / by RPost

Mortgage Finance Gazette: Sending Emails Safely and SecurelyThe delivery of documents securely by email is available through the RPost Registered email service.

RPost ensures emailed documentation has legal proof of sending, proof of delivery, proof of content and time delivered, and provides legally-admissible evidence in the event of disputes.

Owen Knight, responsible for business development, finance industry at RPost, explained that the service provides end-to-end encryption of personal, confidential and sensitive data to satisfy the Financial Services Authority and Information Commissioner, and automatic conversion of attachments to pdf. The integral digital signature feature allows electronic contract agreement by email.

Mortgage lenders can use it for delivery of quotes, offers, loan terms and conditions, key facts, rate changes, arrears notices, invoices, standing orders and any other important correspondence.

RPost is already being used in the financial services and legal professions, for example, Aon has 1,500 London insurance market users.

It is simple to install in mail programs, pdas and iPads and can be incorporated into computer applications used to generate documentation for email transmission. RPost requires little training and recipients require no special software.

Knight said: “RPost provides all sectors of the mortgage industry with services to speed up and prove delivery of key documents and bind contracts electronically, as well as encryption of personal, confidential and sensitive data. The solution is proven in the insurance and legal sectors and is trusted by customers worldwide, including the US government.”

Author: Joanne Atkin

 Reproduced with permission from Mortgage Finance Gazette.