Optimize! E-SIGN & E-SECURITY Virtual Conference Provides Important New Insights

October 09, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Optimize! E-SIGN & E-SECURITY Virtual Conference Provides Important New InsightsNOW RE-LIVE THE CONFERENCE ON-DEMAND

It has been a week since the end of the October 1 Optimize! E-Sign & E-Security Virtual Conference, and the RPost team continues to pour over all the important insights from the conference. It was a fast-paced event designed to help RMail and RSign users and friends in the financial services and insurance industries, financial functional operators, and financial government regulators, optimize e-sign and e-security with rich features and affordability—all at scale.

The virtual conference had panels stacked with thirty industry operators and experts throughout the event, which was held in Americas and UK/European time zones. Customers and experts provided their tech insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security through automation, integration, advanced features – all with affordability in mind.

“The conference blended insights and tech tips from people on the front lines – those industry operations and IT staff that have found ways to optimize business operations with more affordable e-sign and e-security,” remarks Volker Sommerfeld, Product Director at Frama Communications, one of the panel experts. “Many shared how RMail e-security and RSign e-signatures combined feature-richness, affordability, and friendly staff; a winning combo that was reported by panel experts to have helped navigate today’s business environment.”

Brand-name companies had staff offer their insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security technologies in a wide range of financial services industries, including insurance, banking, lending, investment, medical billing, and other financial services sub-sectors, as well as financial-related functional operations including credit, collections, and pricing.

The interactive agenda, focused on feature-rich plus affordability, integrating and automating easy and complex processes, as well as democratizing e-sign and e-security services so that companies can affordably scale use in every part of their organization.

Re-live the conference in digestible 10 to 20-minute recorded segments. All you need to do is:

Enter the conference centerCLICK TO ENTER

Once inside, click the Registration tab for instant access, then:

  • Enter the Main Stage to re-live main e-sign and e-security sessions; and
  • Enter the Breakout room to re-live industry and regional expert sessions.

RPost has kept the Optimize! virtual conference center open for you, so please go ahead and share this with your team. Click here to enter the virtual conference center to re-live RPost’s e-sign and e-security user conference.