RMail 365 Bundled With Microsoft Office 365

November 25, 2015 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RMail 365 Bundled With Microsoft Office 365RMail 365™ is an all-in-one secure email extension bundled into Microsoft Office 365 Outlook, the world’s dominant business email application. Starting December 1st, the largest Microsoft Office 365 distributor will offer RMail 365 as an add-on, bundled into the Microsoft Office 365 purchase process.

With RMail 365™, Microsoft Outlook users see an added “Send Registered” button for high value messages, alongside the “Send” button used for normal messages. Clicking the “Send Registered” button permits the sender to track email opens, certify legal delivery, encrypt, send for e-signoff, and send extra-large attachments. RMail 365 can be used within either Outlook Online or full installed versions of Outlook.

Uniquely, RMail operates from within a sender’s current email program with their existing email address and sends messages direct to any recipient’s email inbox with no software or downloads required on the recipient end and no third party storage of the message contents.

A roll-out to 18 country markets in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia is planned over the next six months.

RMail 365 Bundled Microsoft Office 365