RMail Empowers Real Estate Professionals to Speed Closing, Meet Compliance Requirements, and Prevent Cyberfraud

April 27, 2017 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RMail Empowers Real Estate Professionals to Speed Closing, Meet Compliance Requirements, and Prevent CyberfraudLos Angeles, CA – April 27, 2017 – RPost today announced that its RMail® service is now a core tool in the daily work flows of every segment of the real estate industry. With RMail, businesses gain access to easy-to-use email tracking, certified e-delivery proof, email encryption, e-signatures, secure large file transfers, and “anti-whaling” imposter email protection. RMail’s seamless integrations into Microsoft Outlook and Gmail – and several planned with leading real estate management software platforms – are now enabling thousands of real estate professionals to streamline real estate transactions, eliminate significant closing costs associated with paper-based delivery, speed closing, and protect against compliance penalties and cyberfraud.

Legal analyses support that RMail can now be used for proof of delivery of “TRID” initial or revised Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures; and to satisfy the “mailbox rule.” By providing immediate proof of electronic delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record, RMail eliminates an average of three days from the closing process and gives mortgage brokers, title insurance agents, and escrow agents a time cushion to beat even their most aggressive escrow deadlines. This also means less time for the buyer to back out due to buyer’s remorse or for either party to find any reason to halt the transaction.

“We now have to comply with the new TRID guidelines and get closing disclosures out to customers within a specific time frame,” said Richelle Chaney, a Loan Processor at Gorman, Veskauf, Henson & Wineberg. “Meeting the deadline through the mail is not always possible, which is when we use RMail to make sure we meet the time frames. It has saved us many times!“

Besides speeding the closing process, RMail also reduces closing costs by hundreds of dollars per transaction. When real estate professionals move to paperless (with Registered Email™ delivery through RMail) delivery of TRID disclosures and other escrow documents, they eliminate or significantly reduce costs associated with printing, paper, and postal/courier services. There is also a lot less administrative work associated with paperless delivery of these documents.

“The certified e-delivery proof aspect of the RMail service is certainly what makes RMail stand apart for real estate businesses looking to streamline and improve their work flows,” explains Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “But our real estate customers are using RMail for much more than just certified e-delivery.”

RMail’s real estate customers also use RMail to comply with the Privacy of Consumer Financial Information Rule of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. RMail’s GLBA-compliant email encryption option allows users to encrypt emails containing sensitive or financial information – protecting email messages and any attachments from inadvertent disclosure. Importantly, the sender receives a Registered Receipt™ email record for every RMail message sent in this way, proving compliant encrypted delivery and other transactional details in the event of a compliance audit.

Small and medium-sized real estate businesses are also finding RMail’s “anti-whaling” feature to be a gamechanger in how it simply and reliably protects them against the recent wave of business email compromise (BEC) or “spear phishing” attacks involving “imposter emails” that lure real estate professionals into wiring funds to fraudsters. RMail’s proprietary algorithms automatically detect and alert users when they are about to reply to an email that could be such an imposter email.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), “the BEC scam continues to grow, evolve, and target businesses of all sizes. Since January 2015, there has been a 1,300 percent increase in identified exposed losses, now totaling over $3 billion.”

RPost’s 2017 end user survey reports 90% of the RMail users in the real estate, title insurance, and mortgage sectors actively use Registered Email services, with 75% actively using RMail encryption.

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RMail’s ability to help real estate professionals address this entire range of mission-critical needs through a single software-as-a-service solution has not gone unnoticed by industry experts. RMail is now endorsed by the Real Estate Service Providers Council (RESPRO) as the association’s “Top Choice for Cybersecurity and Compliance” in the real estate industry.

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