RPOST and DOCSCORP are simplyfying email security and compliance for law firms and corporate law departments everywhere

March 09, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

The new integration of cleanDocs and RMail from two industry leaders simplifies and automates the legal industry’s ability to protect sensitive client information while increasing efficiencies for staff.

LONDON and LOS ANGELES – March 10, 2020 – DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, together with RPost, the global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, today announced a new integration that simplifies and automates email security, e-delivery proof, e-signatures, and privacy compliance. cleanDocs and RMail®, working together, have combined the best of each service into one Office 365 Microsoft Outlook interface, with their predictive technologies simplifying the user experience for senders and receivers of sensitive emails and documents.

Charles Russell Speechlys LLP has used cleanDocs and RMail for several years. Abba Abbaszadi, Head of Information Technology, said the integration will be embraced by the firm’s staff. “Our lawyers are often working to a deadline, so the fewer pop-ups or checkboxes they see, the better. Bringing all the security and compliance features of cleanDocs and RMail together on the same screen ensures our staff can work quickly and securely.”

More Enjoyable Productivity: For lawyers and their staff, this combination transforms communications with security in mind. It brings the main RMail service features – Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, dynamically simplified email encryption, and e-signatures — right into their comfortable cleanDocs Outlook email interface alongside the cleanDocs data leak protection tools.

“Encryption must be easy, especially for the recipient, to encourage use and reduce risk. Not all encryption services are the same; too burdensome means little used and more risk,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “This is critical with today’s more sophisticated privacy regulations, client demands for privacy, and hacker tactics. This DocsCorp and RPost product combination now make security easier for both the sender and recipient!”

Automated Security: For security and compliance staff, this combination adds more to their data leak prevention and anti-phishing strategies with powerfully dynamic cleanDocs recipient address checking and advanced metadata cleaning; and with RMail’s specialized Anti-Whaling impostor email “spearphishing” protection.

“We have combined cleanDocs and RMail predictive security technologies to minimize risk of potentially embarrassing or harmful human error. It is our role as IT professionals to empower productivity with more security in mind – especially today,” adds DocsCorp executive Joe Combs. “We are pleased to hear from our customers that we have done just that, through this joint product offering.”

Simplified IT Experience: For IT departments, this combination minimizes desktop add-in complexity, creates easier connections to document management systems, arms end users with e-delivery tracking and proof visibility – no need to ask IT what happened to their important email — and simplifies the recipient email encryption experience which minimizes calls for help to IT support staff.

See it for the first time at BLTF 2020 or contact DocsCorp or RPost.

You can add either cleanDocs or RMail to your existing service plan from either company. Attendees of the British Legal Technology Forum can see the new integration in action for the very first time — DocsCorp and RPost team members will be available to answer questions and give live demonstrations at Stand #D12. Learn more at the RMail for cleanDocs site.

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