RPost Announces Cyber Security Education Series, Free for Applied Client Network Members

March 01, 2016 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Announces Cyber Security Education Series, Free for Applied Client Network MembersRPost works with the Largest Insurance Broker Networks Providing Cyber Security, Compliance, and E-Delivery Proof Services

Los Angeles – March 1, 2016 — RPost has produced the “Tech Essentials for Insurance Professionals” educational campaign to provide free education on cyber security to members of Applied Client Network, the largest group of educators and advocates for users of Applied Systems software.

“Tech Essentials for Insurance Professionals” includes an email briefing series to inform members about best practices for cyber security, compliance, and productivity for insurance professionals.

“With the heightened awareness of Internet security needs, newfound hacker innovations, and more aggressive enforcement actions by the regulators, risks run high for insurance professionals conducting business by email,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “RPost’s RMail services are the tool of choice in the insurance sector to protect, while increasing productivity, and keeping the user experience for both senders and receivers simple.”

“The business and technology of the insurance industry is evolving and it’s critical that our members have a variety of tools and resources available to them to stay on top of current regulations and best practices, including the importance of encryption and privacy” said Brian Langerman, CEO, Applied Client Network. “The RMail product and the ‘Tech Essentials for Insurance Professionals’ are benefits our members will be able to leverage to drive efficiency, agency value and cyber security.”

RPost is a winner of the World Mail Award for Best in Security and its RMail secure messaging services are built into some of the Applied Systems platforms, as well as other email sending software.

RPost has been supporting Applied Systems users for more than five years, with its RMail product built on Registered Email™ certified e-delivery, open tracking, e-signature, and simple-to-use encryption technologies. RMail run from within Applied Systems, NASAsoft, SIS, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.com, and other email sending platforms used by insurance agents and brokers. RMail works with any existing email address and sends to any recipient, without need for recipients to click links, install extra software or download to retrieve messages.

About RPost:
The global leader in secure and certified electronic communications and World Mail Award winner for “Best in Security,” RPost has helped businesses enhance their security, compliance, and productivity for more than a decade. RPost is the creator of the patented Registered Email™ technology, which provides email senders with Legal Proof® evidence of delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record. Since inventing Registered Email™ technology in 2000, RPost® has successfully commercialized software platforms RMail®RSign®, and RForms™ to track, prove, e-sign, and encrypt, used by more than 25 million people throughout the world. Learn more about RPost at rpost.com and RMail special offers for Applied Client Network members at https://rmail.com/platforms/applied-systems.

About Applied Client Network:
Applied Client Network is an international association that promotes successful technology and business practices through communication, education and advocacy. Founded in 1985 and based in Chicago, the association represents insurance agencies and brokerages that use Applied software worldwide. AppliedClientNetwork.org.