RPost Complements Starlink, Donates Encrypted Communications to those Disrupted by Ukraine Crisis

March 08, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Complements Starlink, Donates Encrypted Communications to those Disrupted by Ukraine CrisisSpaceX Donated Starlink Satellite E-Links in Ukraine; RPost Now Donates the Secure Messaging Application to Make those E-Links Useful; for Those Disrupted Wherever They May Be, On Whatever Network Connection They Are Working.

March 3, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA & London, UK

RPost, a global leader in secure messaging, is donating its RMail email security services to those whose family, friends, or businesses may be directly disrupted by the current situation in Ukraine. RPost is making its RMail services free for those in need, whether they are in Ukraine, surrounding countries, or now subject to the heightened cyber-risk that this crisis is causing.

“We’re here for you, whether you need to communicate encrypted, with messages that disappear after one view, with open tracking for peace of mind that your colleagues are connected, or to protect against the surge of impostor email hacker lures,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan.

With a few clicks, anyone can now simply download RMail for Outlook, install RMail into Gmail or Outlook.com/Hotmail, or use RMail from any web browser. Once installed, users can freely click the “Send Registered” button to send encrypted email with open tracking, as well as receive alerts in-the-moment-of-sending just before they are about to succumb to email impostor or hacker trickery.

RMail is ‘One Install that Does it All’,” adds Khan. “Mykhailo Fedorov, we’re sure you’ll find RMail encrypted and one-time-view email services useful.” Fedorov is Ukraine’s minister of digital transformation who requested technology assistance from SpaceX.

Email is more useful in times of spotty Internet as one can compose a message while offline, and then later sync to the Internet when they can access any connection, whether the SpaceX Starlink Internet service or another.

“We know using RMail brings peace of mind in times of crisis,” notes Khan. During the height of the Pandemic, RPost offered the world RMail, free, in time of need to adjust to remote work with needed e-security.

RMail was also there to help peace missions navigate the turmoil in Iraq. “Your RMail service adds to the success of the mission, the safety of my men and also has a positive impact on stress level and morale. Thank you,” commended 1stSgt USMC(Ret.) of the U.S. Department of State Civilian Police Mission in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The RPost Customer Success team sent a care package along with an RPost company logo, which the mission pasted onto the side of their vehicle and sent the photo with a letter of thanks. (Photo below.)

This special offer is available to those directly impacted, during this stage of Ukraine crisis – for those in need to send secure encrypted email, disappearing private communications, have email open tracking visibility, or simply need protection from hackers and cyber trickery related to email.

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