RPost Enhances Flagship Registered Email™ service with Greater Security for Email Attachments

January 23, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Enhances Flagship Registered Email™ Service with Greater Security for Email Attachments

Upgrade provides option to automatically convert Microsoft Office attachments to PDFs with one mouse click, at no added cost.

Los Angeles, January 23, 2007 – RPost® US Inc., the Registered Email™ service company, today announced the immediate availability of a new Convert to PDF feature that allows for on-the-fly conversion of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF files, at no additional cost. With the upgraded RPost service, email users with a click of the mouse can automatically convert Microsoft Office attachments into simple or password-protected PDF files during the “Send” process. The new Convert to PDF feature builds on RPost’s ground-breaking Registered Email™ service that allows users to send critical email messages and electronic documents with verifiable proof of delivery. RPost email users are returned legally valid evidence of precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when.

“RPost is focused on providing its customers the highest level of functionality, efficiency and security when they hit the ‘Send’ button, enabling users to efficiently manage and secure their outbound electronic communications. RPost users recognize that if it is important enough to put in PDF form, it probably warrants the assurance of delivery and proof of content that a Registered Email™ message provides,” said Zafar Khan, co-founder and CEO of RPost. “The new Convert to PDF feature furthers our mission by making it fast, easy and free for email users to benefit from a more secure format for attachments, with the option of password encryption for an additional layer of security when needed.”

While recent federal and state statutes (ESIGN and UETA) have given electronic messages the same legal status as paper documents, traditional email applications are unable to verify the content of email messages or prove legally that a message was actually received. Enterprise email users recognize the value in using RPost Registered Email™ messages for electronic communications that have consequence, such as binding property to contracts and proposals. By arming users with verifiable proof of delivery and content, email suddenly becomes a viable alternative to overnight delivery of business critical information and allows organizations to save significant time and money. “RPost’s Registered Email™ service has changed our practices on what we communicate by email as opposed to regular mail or fax. With RPost’s Registered Email™ service we are able to send much more information by email given RPost’s ability to provide legal proof of the delivery of the email content and attachments,” said A. Peter Prinsen, Vice President and General Counsel of The Graham Company.

How It Works

While processing Registered Email™ messages, if opted, the RPost® infrastructure converts requested documents to PDF with no tedious extra steps and at no additional cost. RPost enables the sender to choose to convert MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) attachments into PDF format while en route to the recipient destination – with just one extra click. The sender receives proof of content delivered and the recipient receives the selected attachments as PDF files. In addition, the sender may decide to add extra security to the PDF by assigning a password the receiver must input to open the PDF. Customers can choose to convert to PDF one or all of the attached files adding flexibility to secure email communications.

As RPost does not require per user licenses for its Registered Email™ services, companies can deploy the Registered Email™ capabilities with the PDF conversion capability on every desktop, making the conversion process completely hassle free, and eliminating the need and expense for additional PDF converter software licenses.

Enterprise email users who send attachments in PDF format usually do so because the content is business critical and requires a higher level of security. The marriage of RPost Registered Email™ service with the option for automatic PDF conversion is a natural evolution of RPost’s mission to empower email users with legal proof of message, delivery, content and official time stamp for business-critical electronic communications.

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