RPost Enters the UK Market with Program of Educational Events & Information Distribution

February 17, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Enters the UK Market with Program of Educational Events & Information Distribution

With established tools, policies and procedures for law firms and regulatory bodies in the US; RPost®, the leading email security and risk management tool, enters the UK market, providing best practice email compliance to meet emerging legislation.

London, February 15, 2007 – RPost® International Limited, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™® service platform, today announced a program of educational events and information distribution, designed to meet the needs of the UK legal market. A series of roundtables and electronic communications will be provided to all interested members of the legal community throughout the spring, providing a forum for discussion and practical solutions to the issues surrounding compliant email communication.

With ever-increasing, and sometimes conflicting, legislation and guidance, firms’ email security policies are dynamic and often responsive, rather than pre-emptive. Following over three years of aiding large organisations meet the stringent legal requirements for email security and accountability in the US; RPost enters the legal market with a mature and well developed product coupled with unrivalled internal skills and experience. Current US clients include the United States Government Accountability Office, the arm of US Congress that audits the US Federal Government and Greenberg Traurig, a global law firm. US law organizations including the New York City Bar, District of Columbia Bar, Boston Bar, and Los Angeles Bar, along with over 10 others, have endorsed/sponsored RPost’s Registered Email™ services as Legal Proof for email.

“Since with two clicks of a mouse, one can change any email to say anything, print it, and misrepresent it as fact, verification of email evidence will certainly become a central part of discovery disputes in the UK, as it has in the US,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “We have found that many legal professionals are simply not aware of this exposure and the simple protection RPost can provide for fee-earners and their clients with its Registered Email™ services. RPost looks forward to working with the UK legal community to provide the guidance and tools to manage this risk.”

Registered Email™® service from RPost provides the sender with verifiable proof that a message was sent and legally delivered for any Internet address. The sender receives a receipt via email proving content, times, and legal delivery. RPost Registered Email™® enables users to better understand what information has actually been transmitted, to whom, and when. Ultimately Registered Email™ provides protection for the sender anywhere in the world – regardless of what system or software the recipient uses, regardless of their settings, and without requiring a response.

Usage scenarios, divided by practice area, will be discussed and analysed throughout the events and education series. Practical case studies, gleaned from RPost’s US client base will also be provided, covering such communications as:

  • Required notifications
  • Client opinions and legal advice
  • Negotiations and legal contracting
  • Dissemination of formal opinions and documents.

The first event of this educational program will be a briefing and roundtable discussion, followed by dinner at Mirabelle, London, on the 8th March 2007.