RPost and Esquire Innovations Team Up to Deliver Total Email Attachment Security

March 27, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost and Esquire Innovations Team Up to Deliver Total Email Attachment SecurityEsquire’s new iScrub 7 document metadata management solution incorporates advanced RPost messaging proof and security.

LOS ANGELES, CA — March 27th, 2012 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, and Esquire Innovations, the leader in document metadata management, today announced that Esquire’s new iScrub® 7 EP1 release incorporates RPost’s advanced electronic messaging, security, and collaboration services. The total attachment security solution combines document metadata management with email proof, message encryption, and electronic signature services. This combined offering is available for download on both the Esquire and RPost websites.

Now, after attached documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs are cleaned for sending to external parties, iScrub can automatically transmit the message and attachments via RPost’s cloud processing platform, for best in class, compliant email proof, encryption, and electronic signature services.

“When the document you are sending is important enough to require the best in metadata cleansing or automated PDF conversion, it is presumably of high value and should be treated as such,” states RPost’s CEO, Zafar Khan. “We are delighted that Esquire is now offering its clients automated options to convert their messages en route, to be sent as Registered Email messages via the RPost Cloud.”

When sending a document attached to a Registered Email® message, RPost provides the sender with a proof record of delivery, opening, content, and official timestamp, encrypted email content as needed, and the ability to obtain sender and/or recipient electronic signatures embedded in the attachment.

Senders receive their own delivery and opening report. IT staff gain advanced analytics to identify compliance and training gaps, as well as auditable evidence records. Combined, these empower the user with better information, thereby minimizing help-desk time and support requests.

“By enhancing the current features of iScrub® and extending them with RPost, we continue to keep the client in mind, providing them with tools that enhance security, and deliver significant time and cost savings,” states Esquire Innovations CEO, Randall Farrar. “In addition to managing their documents’ metadata before sending, they now have the option to use RPost’s Registered Email® services.”

In addition to the new RPost features, this latest version of iScrub® includes PDF and batch cleaning. For example, clients will now be able to save clean documents and send them attached to Registered Email® messages for legal delivery proof, with the attachment in the PDF/A format, a new federal court requirement.

Other features of iScrub® 7 EP1 include:

    • Enhanced PDF options including PDF/A and Fast Web options
    • Batch file cleaning of Microsoft Office and PDF files
    • Metadata viewer for Word, Excel and PowerPoint
    • Built-in management module for easy configuration
    • Enhanced reporting of the metadata contained within a document
    • An unlimited number of metadata management levels
    • The ability to clean zipped files or zip files after cleaning
    • The ability to clean password protected documents from email
    • RPost and Esquire Innovations Team Up to Deliver Total Email Attachment Security

About Esquire:
Esquire Innovations, Inc., a leading provider of Microsoft Office integrated practice management software services and applications for the legal market, has more than 600 law firm and in-house counsel clients worldwide utilizing its applications. Co-Founded in 2002 by Randall Farrar, a pioneer in the development and marketing of software applications geared towards the legal market, Esquire Innovations creates, supports and sells document creation, formatting, re-purposing, comparing, and metadata management software applications to the legal industry. Based in Temecula, California, Esquire is staffed with a highly qualified team of technology professionals.

About RPost:
RPost has set the standard for legal electronic messaging and document services with its patented Registered Email services for delivery proofcompliant email encryption and legal electronic signatures. RPost services are designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, real estate, telecommunications and manufacturing where the speed of contract execution, data privacy, or court admissible email proof are a business requirement. Winner of the World Mail Award for security 2011, RPost is in use within the U.S. and international Governments, global F500 companies and endorsed by influential American Bar associations. RPost, founded in 2000, has been granted 35 patents worldwide and operates in 8 languages. To use RPost services, please visit www.RPost.com.

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