RPost Granted Fundamental Patents on Email Tracking

July 24, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Granted Fundamental Patents on Email TrackingRPost to License Patents on Methods of Tracking Email Delivery or Failure Using Server Logs

Los Angeles, CA — July 24th, 2012 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, today announced that it has been granted two additional patents (US Patent numbers 8,224,913 and 8,209,389) which comprehensively cover systems and methods service providers use to track email delivery or failure using server logs — technology novel in 1999 when RPost first filed for the patents, but widely used today. Most email service providers and cloud business applications today have begun to differentiate their offerings by providing more analytics for their customers, to measure the success or failure of delivery of messages. RPost is set to license its patented technology to thousands of email service providers, which include email marketers, email campaign delivery companies, social media companies, and cloud-based business applications.

The covered tracking methods are being used by nearly every company that provides email sending services on behalf of their customers, or business applications that include the sending of email as part of their process. RPost estimates that more than fifty billion messages a year are covered by its new patents.

“RPost pioneered the use, as a service provider, of recording server logs, analyzing those logs, and using that information as the basis to determine successful email delivery or failure. RPost published this technology in its 1999 patent application,” said RPost CEO, Zafar Khan. “Most email servers have now built this technology into their reporting and analytics applications; most email service providers now offer this information to their customers in the form of status, delivery or bounce reports.”

With these new patents, RPost holds the most complete set of patents around email tracking and proof. RPost has been using this technology within its Registered Email services since the early 2000’s.

Determined to defend its intellectual property, RPost previously brought lawsuits claiming unlicensed use of its patents in Federal Courts in California, Texas and Virginia in 2011 against Swiss Post, Canada Post, ZixCorp, Docusign, Adobe Echosign, RightSignature, and Farmers Insurance, among others. The earliest jury trial is scheduled for November 2012.

For details on the new RPost patents covering the email tracking email, or to inquire about licensing terms, please contact the RPost licensing department at www.rpost.com/contact/questions.

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