RPost Launches RSecurity Human Error Protection Suite to Tackle Growing Threat of Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud

February 02, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Launches RSecurity Human Error Protection Suite to Tackle Growing Threat of Business Email Compromise and Wire FraudNew Osterman Research study shows majority of organizations are concerned about BEC attacks but are ill-prepared to protect against them. The RSecurity human error protection suite solves for these concerns head on.

February 2, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA

RPost announces its new RSecurity SMART AI engine that runs inside RMail for Outlook to protect against the most sophisticated Business Email Compromise (BEC) impostor attacks not easily handled by traditional email perimeter and gateway security systems. This human error prevention suite is powered by AI and deep learning, and it is now available worldwide.

“Today’s email security needs to be humanized, and RPost’s latest RMail RSecurity services that run inside Microsoft Outlook do just that,” states Michael Sampson, Senior Analyst at Osterman Research, one of the world’s leading e-security and messaging technology analysts.

The RMail RSecurity human error prevention suite attacks the BEC problem at its core, as its AI algorithms are built upon a deep understanding of human psychology: how people behave under specific situations. It also addresses a common BEC threat vector: how people interact across specific roles within organizations. It builds upon RPost’s award-winning RMail product, which is designed to empower email users all in one app — to track, prove and certify email opening and delivery, encrypt for easy-to-use privacy and compliance, share large files securely, and send for recipient e-signature.

“Their triple play with AI-triggered encryption and wire fraud protection, in-the-flow email security user training, and their suite of anti-whaling BEC protections (deep-learning-enabled recipient verification, domain age check, impostor alerts, Double Blind CC™, and Disappearing Ink™) add essential layers critical to not only protect externally-facing business executives and their organizations, but also those newfound human targets in HR and finance teams. Traditional email security plus RMail for Outlook is a winning combination,” adds Sampson.

Renowned insurance technology expert, Steve Anderson concluded: “I just really like this new service from RMail, which helps train employees on what information should be encrypted and how to identify potential BEC attacks. It’s a great tool that is customizable by organization to help you manage cyber exposure.”

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks — a sophisticated form of impostor email — are among the fastest growing and most concerning cybercrimes against organizations, according to a new report by Osterman Research (click to download). According to the Report, traditional e-security tools are not designed to protect against these socially engineered attacks that too often result in human-error-induced financial loss. In the United States alone, almost 20,000 BEC attacks were recently reported to the FBI, which amounted to a cumulative loss of $1.8 billion.

Most commonly, according to the Osterman Report, BEC attackers seek monetary payment as a direct outcome, and types of BEC attacks include (but are not limited to) diverting payment on a valid invoice to a fraudulent bank account, submitting a fake invoice for payment, diverting employee payroll to a fraudulent bank account, and using impersonation of senior executives to lend credibility to plausible but irregular requests.

RMail’RSecurity human error prevention suite solves the three main challenges not addressed by traditional email perimeter and gateway security services, and it does so in the flow of email sending and within Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft 365:

  1. E-Security Sensitization: Non-intrusive e-security sensitization, training, and encryption automation for all staff using Microsoft Outlook. According to the latest Osterman Research study, the widespread ill-preparation against BEC attacks can be attributed to staff training usually being delivered out-of-context and to the fact that most technology solutions by design disrupt the flow of work and therefore lead to poor user adoption. Meanwhile, the RMail Recommends™ module is especially designed to assist, train, and sensitize users in the moment of sending and has been proven to both boost adoption and raise e-security awareness. RMail Recommends™ uses advanced AI to predict what messages the sender might want to treat in a special manner and gently nudges them to do so, making it easy to track, prove, certify, encrypt, or send encrypted specially to protect against wire fraud.
  2. E-Security Alerts: Awareness of potential human e-security error before it happens in the email send flow. The Anti-Whaling™ module cleverly detects impostor emails and alerts the sender, preventing naïve replies to the email impostor. It includes the Right Recipient™ technology that prompts users to double check recipient addresses if the RSecurity AI engine determines that the sender is about to misaddress a sensitive email, and additionally alerts the sender if the recipient domain is likely to be a clever misspell of an authentic recipient domain, considering domain age and other variables.
  3. E-Security Content Controls: Erase sensitive content from an email thread after recipient reading to eliminate the risk of data leaks with unsecure replies and forwarded email chains. This Protect-the-Thread™ module includes features Disappearing Ink™, Redact+™ and Double Blind CC™ that make it easy to secure content through the future life of sent emails, including disabling the ability for a blind copy recipient to mistakenly (or embarrassingly) reply-all.

RPost’s new RSecurity Human Error Prevention Suite is designed to help companies anticipate and prevent the risk of human e-security error, which is often the opening salvo for cyber criminals to cause havoc and financial ruin,” adds RPost CEO, Zafar Khan. “And, best of all, the RMail RSecurity suite runs seamlessly and in the flow of work inside the RMail app for the Microsoft 365 Outlook email program.”

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