RPost Launches Secure Email App With Free Trial

December 06, 2011 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Launches Secure Email App With Free TrialRPost is a new BlackBerry app/service that has extended its Registered Email services to bring secure email messaging to BlackBerry email regardless of where it’s accessed. The app seeks to reproduce the tightly integrated email app on BlackBerry and permits users to scroll up one position on the menu to “Send Registered” email messages. Presumably, this app is geared towards the BIS users to provide them with encrypted email. The RPost app also allows the sender to:

-Encrypt to any recipient address regardless of how the recipient accesses their email, with proof of compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy mandates;

-Track email opening with an official time-stamp of the content opened;

-Send documents specially formatted to obtain recipient electronic signatures on the attached document;

-Include a client reference code with the message. RPost will later embed this code into the Registered Receipt™ emails and usage reports;

-Receive auditable and time-stamped proof of content in replies to the BlackBerry sender’s email, serving as records of responses to offers, messages, and negotiations.

RIM doesn’t let any application that duplicates native functionality in App World so I don’t think we’ll be seeing this one on App World any time soon. The company does have a download page on their site as an alternative. It’s too bad BBX won’t be supporting this type of downloading. It’s times like this that users really appreciate it.