RPost “R-Tour of Regions” Uncovers Top Tech for Insurance Sector

May 11, 2023 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost “R-Tour of Regions” Uncovers Top Tech for Insurance SectorRPost teams have been active in the field, meeting with clients and partners everywhere, as part of RPost’s “R-Tour of Regions”.

May 11, 2023: Austin, TX 

In this week’s insurance tour, RPost hosted clients and partners at its NetVU conference reception in Austin, Texas and its BIBA sessions in the United Kingdom; and announced its universal RSign integration for most insurance and customer management platforms, tightly customized integration into specific insurance agency platforms, and its new RMail eSecurity invoice-mis-payment protection systems. 

“We hosted a slew of customers and partners at our event at NetVU in Texas and at BIBA in the UK, and we’re pleased to hear that our new and cool tech – our new RMail Email Eavesdropping detection tech and RDocs mis-sent document kill tech are great additional reasons to attach RMail outbound email security to one’s Microsoft and other inbound gateway security,” remarks RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “And, we’re pleased to report that our longstanding core technologies – Registered Email™ proof of delivery, elegantly easy email encryption, advanced eSignatures, and secure large file sharing – are what many expressed has become essential tech in the industry.”

Insights from the Field:

RSign eSignatures: 

  • RSign Template “Rules” was the most admired RSign feature for insurance agents and brokers, empowering them to automatically overlay pre-configured guided eSigning rules on top of partially agency-management-system prefilled forms. 
  • RSign’s newly announced universal one-way integration for Vertafore’s QQ®, AMS360®, ImageRight®, and AgencyZoom® platforms were in top demand, with RPost’s newest “Send-to-RSign” for Outlook and “Print-to-RSign” for Windows connectors. Users can simply populate their message in Microsoft Outlook from the agency platform, for example, including signer addresses, message subject, body, and attachments, and seemingly magically, the content appears in a new RSign browser tab ready to send for recipient signoff. 
  • RSign’s new tight 2-way integration into XDimensional Technologies’ Nexsure insurance agency management platform is now generally available and brings a more affordable and elegantly seamless option for Nexsure users (read the XDimensional announcement). 

“The partnership effort to integrate with RPost’s RSign product was a seamless one, resulting in an innovative, complementary solution option that our valued customers can leverage directly from Nexsure,” stated Krista Weaver, President & COO, XDimensional Technologies.

RMail eSecurity:

“Our Microsoft-centric customers were pleased to learn about the value that they are experiencing with RMail, over and above what they have with their Microsoft E3/5 offerings,” adds RPost product marketing manager Martin Alterman. “The decision to attach RMail is simple. We plug some eSecurity gaps where Microsoft is not focused, and we provide enhancements for compliance and productivity that are not included in Microsoft suites.”

Some differentiating highlights follow:

“The areas of overlap between Microsoft and RPost are on the email encryption part --- essentially if a customer switches to RPost’s RMail email encryption service, they get the best-user-experience plus a whole lot more value not provided with Microsoft or others,” adds Alterman. “Additionally on the secure file share part, even though users may have Teams or SharePoint for sharing links to files, RPost customers prefer the RPost included Secure Large File Share as it is integrated into Outlook making it seamless for senders to attach and send up to 1GB of files from Outlook without having to create any share folders and best of all, files auto-purge after a configurable 1 to 90 days.”

RPost exceeded our expectations and turned our wish list into a reality. With RPost's advanced eavesdropping technology, Shaddock National Holdings now has a crucial new tool in our arsenal to detect and thwart wire fraud attempts before they can cause any harm,” adds Jeff Richardson, CIO of Shaddock National Holdings, one of the largest privately held title insurance companies. “This groundbreaking feature was not available from any other email encryption vendor, making RPost the ideal choice to partner with.”

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