RPost Selected as Official Cloud Messaging Platform of Saudi Post

May 22, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost Selected as Official Cloud Messaging Platform of Saudi PostSaudi Post Launches RPost’s Patented Registered Email Services as Cornerstone of its Postal Modernization Efforts, Bringing Email Tracking, Proof, Encryption and E-Signatures to GCC Region

LOS ANGELES, CA and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia– May 22nd, 2012 – RPost and Saudi Post announce at the World Mail Awards in Geneva, that Saudi Post, one of the top government-owned technology pioneers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has selected the RPost Cloud platform as a central component of Saudi Post’s electronic service modernization effort. For customers in Saudi Arabia, RPost services are now offered co-branded as Saudi Post Registered Email® services; the Saudi Arabian Post’s standard for secure, legal electronic messaging and document services.

“With RPost, Saudi Post will modernize the way business is done not only in Saudi Arabia, but in the entire Arabic world,” states Mohammed Al Abduljabbar, Vice President Investment & Marketing at Saudi Post. “Many of the GCC countries have passed liberal electronic transactions laws, and now we bring to local and global companies, the tools that comfortably meet the legal standards permitted by these laws.” Saudi Post is the sole provider of postal services for every individual, private, and public organization in Saudi Arabia and is seen as a market leader among the Arab States.

Saudi Post Registered Email services, powered by RPost technology, offer (1) proof and non-repudiation, (2) legal electronic signatures, (3) security, encryption and compliance, and (4) collaboration and deliverability services. Users access through their standard Outlook and Lotus desktop software, mobile apps, web email, and business applications. An Arabic version of the RPost services will be available later in 2012.

“The marketplace now understands the need to be able to prove and track email, encrypt for privacy, and electronically sign or obtain signoff on attached documents,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “Today, customers use RPost services for these reasons in nearly every country, under the overall service name Registered Email® services. Our global customers can comfortably use our technology with the Saudi Post brand knowing that the underlying technology architecture, standards, and user experience will be uniform worldwide. We welcome Saudi local business to the RPost technology to capitalize on the efficiencies our customers have experienced internationally.”

Unlike secure private networks, what further makes the RPost Cloud platform unique and useful is that there are no requirements for the recipient sign up or install software or hardware. The recipient receives email as they normally do (with the added privacy, security, records, accountability, proof, etc.) making the RPost system more useful for senders as they can send to anyone with a valid email address.

“We chose RPost in part, due to their commitment to continuously innovate their platform, as demonstrated by their strong R&D investment and resulting patent portfolio,” adds Mohammed Al Abduljabbar. “This will ensure that our customers, from individuals to enterprises, will enjoy market leading software provided by Saudi Post as a service.”

Saudi Post will offer limited use of the Registered Email services to individuals for free, and premium services to businesses and government entities on a per user or per message fee-basis.

About RPost:
RPost is the global standard for email proof, message encryption, and electronic signature services which enable both sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate across desktop, mobile, and online email platforms. Designed for industries such as insurance, financial services, legal, real estate, telecommunications and manufacturing where the speed of contract execution, encryption, and court-admissible email records are a business requirement, RPost clients include the U.S. Government and global F500 companies. Founded in 2000, RPost holds 36 patents worldwide, supports eight languages, and is endorsed by American bar associations. To use RPost services, please visit www.rpost.com.

About Saudi Post:
Government-owned Saudi Post is the official postal service for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Post is as old as the formation of the modern Saudi Arabia. Saudi Post has been a member of the United Nations’ Universal Postal Union since 1927 and today, the organization employs more than 12,000 people. Saudi Post is recognized for the major transformation achieved over the last 8 years that have resulted in many innovative solutions and products. These include the proprietary address system developed and implemented in Saudi Arabia in a short period. Saudi Post offers its customers a variety of standard and high tech products.