RPost Selected by Zywave to Prove and Encrypt BrokerageBuilder Email

September 25, 2012 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Zywave now secures business critical messages for 90 of the top 100 U.S. insurance firms with RPost Registered Email technology.

Los Angeles, CA and Milwaukee, WI – September 25, 2012 – Today, Zywave, Inc. announced a partnership with RPost for encrypting Requests for Proposal (RFPs) sent via email through BrokerageBuilder, its industry-leading agency management system.

The switch to RPost represents a significant enhancement in functionality, with a number of benefits for both insurance agency users of BrokerageBuilder and carrier contact recipients of RFPs. RPost is now used to deliver documents electronically in compliance with data privacy HIPAA standards relating to the security of electronic personal health information (PHI).

RPost offers an extremely simple, user-friendly process for accessing encrypted emails that fits into normal workflows. Carrier contacts do not have to register or remember login credentials — yet the RFP remains securely protected with easy access only by the intended recipient. There are no special browser or system requirements for the recipient.  Account managers can prove email delivery with encrypted content with a legally verifiable Registered Receipt™ for each RFP email they send.

“In the business of insurance, maintaining a record proving the time of receipt of RFPs provides the broker a competitive edge,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “If personal data is involved, sending these RFPs encrypted in a manner that is simple to use is a requirement. Now RPost does both, automated from within Zywave for thousands of insurance professionals.“ RPost also allows recipients to easily send secure replies back to the original sender of the email, for ultimate security combined with ease of use.

“The RFP process is a vital component of an insurance account manager’s daily job, and we want to ensure BrokerageBuilder remains the tool of choice for supporting this essential need,” said Krista Seidl, Zywave product director of management systems. “In evaluating different encryption options, our goal was to make the process as efficient as possible without sacrificing security. We found exactly that with RPost and we’re confident that both our clients and their carrier contacts will appreciate this enhancement.”

“We use RPost in our own agency and Zywave just could not put it into BrokerageBuilder fast enough for us,” adds Ruthanne Trubich of The Horton Group, a Zywave customer. “It is one of the easiest encryption services I’ve viewed, and we work with many on a daily basis through various insurance carriers.”

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Zywave is the leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology solutions for the insurance and financial services industries. The company’s products include Web-enabled marketing communications, business intelligence and analytics, agency automation, and needs-assessment and financial planning tools. More than 350,000 financial and insurance professionals, including 90 of the Top 100 U.S. insurance firms and dozens of the world’s largest financial institutions, use Zywave’s proven solutions to help them differentiate from the competition, enhance client services, improve efficiencies and achieve organic growth.

About RPost
RPost Registered Email service is the global standard for email proof, message encryption, and electronic signature services which enable both the email sender and recipient to prove, sign, encrypt, archive and collaborate across desktop, mobile, and online email platforms. The service, available in eight languages, is designed for industries such as insurance, finance, legal, real estate, telecommunications and manufacturing where the speed of contract execution, encryption, and court-admissible email records are a business requirement. RPost, founded in 2000 and now operating from 6 global business centers, is in use within the U.S. Government and global F500 companies, and is endorsed and marketed by influential bar associations throughout the United States. Winner of the 2011 World Mail Award for Security, RPost holds 45 patents worldwide. To learn more about RPost visit www.rpost.com.

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