RPost® Today Announced A Global Technology Alliance With Open Text™ Corporation

September 05, 2007 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost® Today Announced A Global Technology Alliance With Open Text™ CorporationLOS ANGELES-September 5, 2007-RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging, today announced a global technology alliance with Open Text™ Corporation, the largest independent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software and solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Open Text will integrate RPost outbound messaging tools into its LegalKEY® Records Management™ solution for law firm customers. Starting in September 2007, Open Text’s law firm customers worldwide will be able send email records and electronic documents with verifiable proof of delivery, providing admissible evidence of email content and with time sent and received. RPost is the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email™ services, which protects email senders from liability associated with electronic communications.

By integrating RPost Registered Email™ services into its LegalKEY Records Management (RM) system, Open Text enables its law firm customers to retain verifiable records of not only what information was sent by email, but also precisely what email content and attachments were received and when. At its core, RPost pay-as-you-go services include proof of email content, delivery and time-stamping. Advanced services include end-to-end encryption, PDF conversion, information leak protection, e-contracting and e-signing, combined into one tool offered at a flat per email price which is about the cost of a postage stamp. RPost services have been tested, accredited and are used daily by the U.S. federal government.

“RPost outbound messaging services are increasingly important to safeguard email users from legal liability associated with e-discovery and email message disputes. RPost is a natural complement to Open Text’s LegalKEY Records Management system and we look forward to making RPost services available to our law firm customers as part of our integrated enterprise content management solution,” said Mohit Thawani, business development manager, Open Text Legal Solutions Group. “Our legal customers have come to expect the services we offer to be fast and easy to use, and RPost Registered Email™ services meet our stringent requirements for functionality and usability.”

Open Text Users Can Send Registered Email™ Messages at the Click of a Button

Open Text legal customers can send RPost Registered Email™ with a click of a button integrated in Microsoft Outlook, Lotus or Groupwise. Users will have an electronic receipt verifying email message delivery, message content (including all attachments) and official time sent/received. A copy of this record can be automatically routed to the LegalKEY RM system tagged by a reference number and retained for easy search and retrieval in the records management system. To close legal loopholes in email records management, RPost augments the email record with an analysis of transaction meta-data that proves transmission details of times and deliverability.

“By adding RPost services, the Open Text Legal Solutions Group will be able to offer its customers high-value outbound messaging tools to assist with electronic records management, compliance, e-discovery, e-contracting, paper reduction, cost reduction, operational efficiency or email security initiatives,” according to Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “RPost’s core Registered Email™ service provides the sender with protection and accountability by providing verifiable proof of the original email content and message attachments, delivery, and official time stamps for email sent to any Internet address.”

RPost Registered Email™ services include more than ten message protection options, integrated into one platform. RPost closes the delivery gap in electronic communications that may result when content or delivery status is disputed in unprotected email messages. While other methods of protecting email are unable to verify both content and delivery, RPost does both without any recipient participation, special software or seat fee required.

About RPost
RPost® has set the global standard for Legal Proof™ for email. RPost’s patented services provide the sender with legally valid evidence of precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when. RPost services include an integrated set of eContracting, e-signature, security and privacy/encryption tools. RPost has strategic business relationships with leading technology and service providers to provide RPost services to their existing clients, including: Pitney Bowes, Postini, Symantec, AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, Orange (FranceTel) and BTInfonet (BritishTel), among others.

Available in five languages, RPost Registered Email™ services are also used daily by the United States Government and have been endorsed and marketed by many of the influential bar associations in the United States. Headquartered in Los Angeles, RPost has offices in Washington D.C., San Diego and worldwide. For more information about RPost, please visit www.rpost.com.

“Registered Email™” is a registered trademark owned by RPost.

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