RPost’s 2017 Product Roadmap Puts Emphasis on Cybersecurity and Continuous Innovation

February 01, 2017 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost’s 2017 Product Roadmap Puts Emphasis on Cybersecurity and Continuous InnovationLOS ANGELES, CA — January 31, 2017 — RPost has published a glimpse into its product roadmap for 2017, which will include key third-party integrations, cybersecurity enhancements, elevated email “open tracking”, expanded workgroup functionality for its RMail service, and more business automation features within its e-signature services. RPost provides RMail and other software-as-a-service products built on its patented Registered Email™ technology, as well as e-signature services such as RSign, to businesses throughout the world.

In a blog post entitled “Year-in-Review, Trends, and Outlook”, RPost CEO Zafar Khan identifies key trends the RPost community is observing and discusses both what RPost has done in 2016 and what is planned for 2017, in response to these trends.

One significant mega trend is that cybersecurity has started to become mission critical to business continuity and will be for the foreseeable future. To this end, RPost has been working on adding new cybersecurity features in RMail®, including a form of digital monitoring RPost calls “anti-whaling” technology. New to RMail in 2016, “anti-whaling” technology protects against a class of attack the FBI calls “business email compromise” (BEC), which the FBI says has caused more than $3B in business financial losses worldwide. In 2017, RPost’s product development priorities include several enhancements to RMail’s email encryption capabilities, which are used by businesses that must comply with privacy rules or to protect strategic secrets. RPost is planning to further enhance the RMail user experience for sending and receiving encrypted emails and will be adding a new “compliance filter” feature, which will automatically help reduce the risk of non-compliance. RPost will also be adding certified compliance reports to support users in the event of a compliance audit.

In response to customers’ growing desire to directly manage their company, team, and end user accounts online rather than go through a customer service rep to make administrative changes, RPost has built a unified customer web portal, called RPortal. RPortal empowers customers of any RPost service to add and remove users, change service plans, adjust company-wide settings, create unique reports with a variety of filters, and schedule reports to be delivered in a variety of formats, daily, weekly, monthly or on demand. This is part of RPost’s Single Sign-On (SSO) initiative.

“RPortal is just one component of a broader RPost initiative to enable customer success for those using our services,” said Khan. “In addition to this self-service account management and reporting tool, we are also expanding our traditional customer success program. We are growing our in-house customer success team, and we’ve implemented new systems such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a new lineup of end user training resources, including automated training emails. It’s never been easier for our customers to maximize their use of RPost services.”

As businesses become more tech savvy and their specific needs evolve, so too will their palates for business software. In the electronic signatures market, RPost sees a larger role taking shape for e-signature vendors that invest in business automation features and enhancements that go beyond merely capturing a signoff electronically. To that end, RPost continues to evolve its web-based e-signature service, RSign®, designed for power users with features such as reusable and shareable templates, field and form rules, dependencies, sequential signing, automatic signing reminders, and more.

These are just a few highlights from the ten mega trends and their accompanying business activity and roadmap items that RPost has released to its community of customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders. To view Khan’s entire statement and roadmap preview, click here.

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