RPost’s Update for RMail Brings Enhanced Cybersecurity and Collaboration Features

October 25, 2016 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPost’s Update for RMail Brings Enhanced Cybersecurity and Collaboration FeaturesLos Angeles, CA – October 25, 2016 — An extensive update has arrived to RPost’s flagship cyber-security product RMail, the all-in-one service that empowers email users’ Microsoft Outlook and Gmail interfaces with sending options including email encryption, open tracking, certified delivery proof, e-signatures, and secure large file transfers. RMail® has been relied upon for important messaging by governments and businesses of all sizes for more than a decade.

Three new technologies inside the latest RMail product include (1) Anti-Whaling™ Imposter Protection, (2) an “Automatic” email encryption mode, and (3) Secure File Share large file transfer.

RMail’s Anti-Whaling Imposter Protection feature protects Microsoft Outlook users against “whaling” attacks, also known as “Business Email Compromise” (BEC) attacks. The FBI has reported that BEC attacks have been responsible for more than $3B in financial losses globally since January of 2015. BEC attacks describe an attack whereby a cybercriminal uses “imposter emails” to lure fund transfers or the transfer of valuable business information from corporate finance, HR, or other unsuspecting employees. The new patent pending RMail “Anti-Whaling” security feature uses proprietary algorithms to analyze email message characteristics, flagging a message when it appears to be an “imposter email.” The new feature is available now in the newest release of RMail’s add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which RMail customers can obtain by request.

RPost has also made important changes to the email encryption functionality within RMail, allowing for improved ease-of-use without sacrificing security. When sending an encrypted email message with RMail, there is a new “Automatic” mode for secure sending that automatically detects and selects the easiest secure sending method available considering the recipient user experience, for each recipient destination. In all situations, RMail uses its patented True Direct Delivery™ encryption technology so that the recipient does not need to register for an account or go to a 3rd party website to retrieve the message content, and there is no message storage in the middle or on the web.

LargeMail™, RMail’s secure file sharing and large file transfer feature, has also received a substantial enhancement. RMail users are now able to share and send large files up to 1GB – 10 times the previous limit – securely, without leaving the email compose window in Microsoft Outlook. LargeMail™ is included as a standard feature in RMail. It is the simplest way to send and share large files with files automatically purged after pre-set time periods, and unlike most online file storage services, with RMail, users have the peace of mind of knowing the recipient is not provided a link back into the senders’ main file storage repository.

RPost has also been working on its technology infrastructure. In response to some of its customers’ growing apprehension about U.S. governmental surveillance, RPost has launched its first European datacenter, which will be used to process RMail messages sent by some RMail users – to encrypt sensitive message content, for example. Any RMail customer may request to be migrated to the new European datacenter, which is entirely isolated from other RPost datacenters.

While processing messages abroad is sure to provide added peace of mind for some customers, it is important to note that RPost is already inherently less susceptible to email hacking and government-mandated data requests, no matter the physical location of its servers. This is because, unlike “link retrieval” and “store and forward” email encryption services, RMail does not store user messages in its datacenters after the messages are processed and sent to their recipients.

In addition to these technology and infrastructure enhancements, the RMail user interface and message templates have also been updated in accordance with the latest user experience (UX) research, customer feedback, and the new RMail.com product website.

“We have an exciting schedule of new innovations in each of our security, productivity, and business collaboration technology areas, scheduled for release according to our product roadmap,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “At RPost, we strive to continue to bring new innovations to our customers, to simplify their business activities when it comes to important messaging and document sharing.”

RMail is always free for individuals in limited volume from RMail apps that run inside of Gmail and all versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook.com. Click to watch an RMail product tour video.

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