June 28, 2019 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Heightened Interest in Email Security, Compliance and Digital Transformation Fuels Demand for RMail Email Encryption Automation and RSign E-signature Services, Now Available through SoftwareONE 

With RPost®, SoftwareONE now provides its enterprise customers and service providers of all sizes software and service tools to enable them to digitally transform their organizations, and those of their clients, all with security and compliance in mind. SoftwareONE is a leading software and cloud portfolio management provider ranked #11 on CRN’s 2018 Solution Provider 500 list, with over 6,000 technology experts located across 88 countries.

SoftwareONE adds RMail security and compliance, and RSign e-signature services:

— RMail® adds more security simplified and automated; award winning email encryption, certified e-delivery proof, secure large file sending, and anti-whaling email impostor protection. RMail runs inside any Office 365 Outlook and other email user interfaces and/or may be automated from the RMail Security Gateway with content policies and advanced rules.

— RSign® adds feature-rich e-signature services that digitally transforms business processes.

Join a SoftwareONE and RPost webinar introducing this product alliance, July 18 at 11am PT, 2pm ET. Click Here to Register.

Powered by patented Registered Email™ technology, RMail automatically detects the simplest secure encrypted delivery method and returns a Registered Receipt™ record for every message sent, providing and proving important e-delivery details and data privacy compliance.

Users that install RMail are auto-enabled for RSign, a simple to use, full featured, web-based e-signature service that makes it easy for signers to complete and sign documents electronically using any web browser, in an intuitive, self-guided signing process. RSign includes reminders & notification automation and rules, real-time delivery and signoff audit trail and history, as well as encryption, templates, advanced form features, signer authentication, and more.

“RMail simply make email better for business; and is a logical cybersecurity and compliance extension in a simple user experience that lets users do more, faster,” adds Shelly Bodine, Chief of Staff at SoftwareONE. RMail does not require any special action, encryption keys or software at the recipient. “Add RSign and you now have so many ways to transform business processes with e-signatures and digital forms. Either RMail or RSign, or in combination, these are simple to use, powerful tools for all of our business customers and partners.”

RPost has been providing its award-winning security, compliance and e-signature services to customers of all sizes, worldwide, for more than a decade.

“Users that install RMail are also auto-enrolled with a free base service plan for RSign,” adds Sean Walsh, partner manager at RPost. “RMail and RSign together add a powerful set of tools needed in all businesses to help people do more in less time, with security in mind.”

Contact Sean Walsh to learn how to bring RMail and RSign into your operations (click here).

About SoftwareONE: SoftwareONE, a global leading Platform, Solutions and Services company, is modernizing the way organizations budget and optimize their global IT spend from on-premises to the cloud. SoftwareONE has the expertise to provide customers with the right advice on their technology roadmap towards the cloud or optimizing the business-outcome of a cloud-based landscape. The PyraCloud platform, applying machine learning, delivers the visibility, insight, automation and control customers demand to maximize their software investments. In tandem, our Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) services provide the methodology and framework to optimize the underlying IT infrastructure, accelerate cloud adoption and minimize compliance risk. Privately owned since 1985, with over 5,500 technology experts located across nearly 90 countries, SoftwareONE is one of the fastest growing technology solution providers in the world with elite partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Adobe, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Citrix, Red Hat, Trend Micro and many more. To learn more about SoftwareONE, connect with the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About RPost: RPost is a leading cybersecurity company providing email security, compliance, and productivity services to more than 25 million users worldwide over more than a decade. RPost has set the global standard for secure and certified electronic communications, with more than 50 patents granted on its core Registered Email™ technologies, used worldwide to track and prove email delivery, encrypt email, protect from imposter email, secure large file transfers, and manage e-signature transactions. Recipient of the World Mail Award for Best in Security, Best Innovation in IT Award in Germany, and voted Top Choice for GDPR Email Data Privacy Compliance, RPost services are in use in nearly every country in the world, within Global Fortune 500 companies, and endorsed by the most influential industry associations. To learn more about RPost, connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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