Tech Tips to Help You Do More, With Security in Mind, While You Work From Home

March 30, 2020 / in Tech Essentials / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Is Dish Soap the Next Great Shampoo?

Many of us are getting a bit paranoid with this virus – is it everywhere, does it waft in from the air and land in our hair, or is it nowhere near? Convinced that anti-bacterial dish soap will kill the virus in hair better than shampoo (even though a virus is not bacteria) we try. Maybe it does work better? Why not try it if it may help protect us?

Why not try some tech tips that may help protect you in the cyberworld – plus help you get things done faster without necessarily having your teams of staffers ready to support you?

We have some quick and easy (free) tech tips to help you do more, with security in mind, while you work in isolation or in your home:

    1. Sign a scanned document received by email without leaving self-imposed isolation. eSign easily.
    2. Set up a form for fill-and-sign, easily, without a trainer to help. RSign now.
    3. Email sensitive info back-and-forth easily, no links, no VPN needed. Easy encryption.
    4. Send certified mail without visiting the (virus infested?) post office: Send RegisteredEmail™ messages, receive a Registered Receipt.
    5. Sending those pesky large files – too big for email – without online folders. Send LargeMail.

These are all self-serve, free and easy – no credit cards and no IT support staff needed. Just a few clicks to use from Outlook, Gmail, and web browsers (RMailRSign).

Learn how to get these with free business licenses to help those working from home in this crisis (learn more here).

PS: Caution–Dish soap does clean hair well but will dry it out after a week of use.