50 Experts Provide E-Sign & E-Security Trend Insights at Optimize! 2021, a Success

July 16, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

50 Experts Provide E-Sign & E-Security Trend Insights at Optimize! 2021, a SuccessRPost’s June 17 global user conference was about SMART-as-a-service, feature-rich e-sign and AI-infused e-security, plus affordability.

July 15, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA

Optimize! 2021 proved to be a fast-paced event designed to help customers and prospective customers optimize e-sign and e-security with rich features and more affordability. This RMail and RSign virtual user conference had panels stacked with experts throughout the day – over 50 customer speakers and experts providing their tech insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security SMARTLY through automation, integration, and advanced features – all with affordability in mind.

The three themes trending at this year’s conference were:

1. E-Signature Trends: The importance of feature-richness in e-sign combined with elegantly easy user interfaces plus affordability to use at scale. Experts referred to RSign as on point.

Jonathon Israel of The Florida Bar spoke to how RPost’s e-sign product, RSign, saves time for attorneys and legal staff: “You don’t have to leave Outlook to be able to send documents off for e-signature…it is a huge time-saver.” (Click here to watch full video discussion)

2. E-Security Trends: The evolving sophistication in cyber criminals and the need for a more humanized approach to e-security, automatically sensitizing users to email risks and mitigating human e-security error. Experts recommended the new AI-infused RMail.

Dewey Rodgers of Xerox spoke of RPost’s products, highlighting how relatively easy they were to deploy: “It’s not only about the ease of use and keeping their customers happy and the employees happy, but also the IT departments are looking at RMail for e-security and the resellers are looking at this as what’s easy to deploy. So that’s been a huge, huge benefit.” (Click here to watch full video discussion)

3. E-Compliance Trends: The combo of email proof plus email privacy; whereby the recipient is not burdened with extra steps to get and decrypt the secure message and with the sender receiving audit-ready proof records of e-delivery plus privacy compliance. Experts directed the audience to RPost’s Registered Email™ service as the best and primary method.

Renowned insurance tech expert, Steve Anderson, added with regards to the new AI-infused RMail for email compliance: “The Registered Email™ process that RPost created is really what originally caught my attention because agencies are using email as their primary method of communication, and there are some legal issues involved with that… Having the ability to make sure, from an agency management standpoint, that emails that need to be protected are going out protected provides flexibility.” (Click here to watch full video discussion)

Global and local companies had staff offer their insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security technologies in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, law, self-storage, governments, managed service providers and many more.

From New York, as Don Previti at ACE-IT proclaimed, RMail is helping their financial services clients, “in terms of defining themselves, protecting their operational and pre-emptive threat mitigation interests, and providing a competitive edge.” (Click here to watch full video discussion).

From Germany, Nicole Stiller at Jungheinrich discussed the importance of the human factor with RSign, “The biggest benefit for us [with RSign] is that we can get business documents signed without any restriction. So it doesn’t matter if we have a pandemic going on, if we are traveling, if we have meetings, or if people are on vacation. We can get documents to them, and they can sign them wherever. We are live with RSign in 16 countries. In July, it will be 18… In Europe, Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and so on. In Africa, we have South Africa, and in South America, we have Chile and Colombia already live. And we are working already on eight more. That’s where we are live with RSign, and we are basically using RSign for all documents. I feel valued [by RPost staff] that our input and our requests are taken seriously. So that definitely, besides all the technology, is still a factor. The human factor is still very important for us.” (Click here to watch full video discussion).

And globally, from Ingram Micro, world’s largest technology distributor, Darryl Oliver concluded, “What do I see as the biggest benefit of changing to RSign? Cost savings is what I have heard from a lot of the partners and their customers.” (Click here to watch full video discussion).

RPost has kept the Optimize! 2021 virtual conference center open for those who wish to “re-live” the conference’s key sessions. Click here to enter the virtual conference center to re-live RPost’s global e-sign and e-security user event. Once in, you may register free for instant access.